Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Hurricane that Wasn't

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Nothing like a month between posts to get the blood flowing. Hello writers block.

So! Hey guys. Life is moving forward, the sun is shining, the season is slowly turning to Autumn before my eyes and I'm pretty content for the changes lying ahead of me.

Since I've been back from Maine I've been caught between work and trying to prepare for this move, which is getting harder. Every other day I'm having to shell out money for something. It's ridiculously hard to save at the moment, and I need money. So much money. I'm going to start to doubt though. I made a goal of moving at the end of December and that's what I'll do. The time is the same, the place has changed. I'm going up north to Maine, probably just outside Augusta and rooming with my gal pal Emily. Rent is just as cheap up there, the land is beautiful and green, there are mountains, I'm near old and new friends and there's only an hour to the ocean.

Some asshole broke into my car. And I mean, literally bashed in my window in a shower of $211 glass that I had to replace. That was awesome. I was robbed. They took my first aid kit, my tools, my CDs, some makeup and a fake leather jacket. I doubt the total of what they took was worth the damage inflicted upon my poor Ninja. I'm still angry about it. I seriously considered raging out, but I couldn't. Fucker's. I hope they get clipped by a stray bullet. However, the few CDs I did actually care about, both given to me by close friends, weren't taken. Sentimental, me? They'd been in the door at the time. It wasn't so bad after that.

I'll still mace the mother fuckers if I ever find them.

Then there's work. I hate my job, I'm overdue for  raise I won't receive because my store manager is intimidated by my lack of fear of her. That's cool. I want a new job, but I leave in four months so its sort of a moot point now. Plus, I'm not sure how many full time jobs I can hold down with my new school schedule. I'm still looking though.

Oh! This is my last semester and its looking promising so far. Four classes, most of them two days a week. I think my friend Tim and I might start doing Zumba together between classes for me. I look forward to it. He's being an awesome pal to shop with and chill around with. But he's horrible for my spending, haha. We tend to shop together. It has to stop! But I look forward to hanging out with him at school. School starts tomorrow, we were delayed two days by Hurricane Irene.

Speaking of Irene, though I know at least one of my friends had a hard time through her for reasons that I won't delve into (he's a brave guy, that's all I'll say), it was a weak ass storm on my end. Our power only went out once for a little bit. All it was was a lot of rain. Rain and wind. Bro and I went to Kroger across the street for eggs during the beginning of it, then he went swimming in the ocean to prove he could. Seriously. I was looking forward to something a little more intense, but I'm also glad it wasn't that bad. I can't afford to shell out anymore cash just for the sake of adventure time.

I pretty much spent the whole of Saturday texting David, who I met in Maine. He's a pretty awesome guy. And I checked up on some local friends to make sure everyone was surviving. A lot of people lost power and several had some flooding. I think the way our condos are arranged sheltered us from a lot of the storm. Boy came down from Charlottesville to face down Irene with us. Dawn was pretty safe in her apartment, Tim had a little flooding, and Stacey had her power knocked out. But we were all prepared for it. By the end of the night the family and I were playing Liverpool rummy and having a few drinks. It was pretty nice.

I need to pick up some cereal and peanut butter because I forget to tell my dad to get me some from the grocery store. I keep forgetting.

Anyhow, I was at work until 1:37 this morning like a rockstar being a pissant. That was awesome let me say. Now I'm trying to scheme how to get mom to either get me a gyro from Jenna's Deli or take me to Arby's so I don't have to cook for dinner. My grandma just called to check on my mom before her surgery tomorrow. The next six weeks are going to be hard on her. She's got to recover. But I'm going trot away now, to finish scheming and may rewatch some episodes of TrueBlood.


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