Saturday, February 26, 2011

We'll See by Next Saturday

Watching: American Dad

Listening to: The TV for once.

So, today (technically yesterday) has been one of those curveball days that had me guessing more and expecting less about what was coming next. I mean, it all started when my first class of the day got cancelled apparently right before I walked up to the freaking door. Lovely timing, and a waste of an hour I could've been sleeping through. Lame. 

However, did write part of a chapter of a story, so, somewhat productive.

Then as I'm walking out of Quantitative Methods, down towards my parking garage, I hear my name being called. No one knows me at ODU. I'm amazingly anonymous which is awesome, unless I die or something. I turn, and BAM LeShae, one of my friends from work. She's like "Hey girl." And I was like... "0.o, what the fuck are you doing here?" "Oh, I quit." "Quit?" "Yeah, I clocked out for break, as in CLOCKED OUT, and left. Just walked out." "Did you tell them?" "No." "Sweet." "Yeah, do you know where the Webb Building is?"

I was flabbergasted. Seriously. I knew she was leaving soon, but I thought she was waiting until May or a new job opportunity. Turns out, she's just as fed up with the bullshit hailstorm we've been living through at work for the passed five months as the rest of us. However, some of us (me) are too poor and dependent on a paycheck to risk quitting without back up. It would ruin my summer plans.

Mustn't do that.

Anyways, I continue on with my day. Stop at Arby's for two junior roast beefs, roll onto work. Life is normal. I'm getting scolded by customers like I'm supposed to be a manager or something, everyone is talking about Shae walking out, and the world is revolving in the typical way. Nothing too major.

Then come like, nine or so, and we're closed. Everyone is gathered at the registers for our closing pep talk from our lovely visual manager Richelle. All the sudden everyone realizes, 'Where the Hell is Ryan?'. Apparently, he had also hit his limit of people not listening and though was scheduled to come in at seven, walked out shortly after the start of his shift because he didn't get the days off he requested for the umpteenth time.

Patterns? Nah.

So,  because he trounced his happy ass out without a warning we were cleaning until 1:30 in the am today (the 26th). Which we probably would have been anyways, but it's easier to blame a specific person in this case. And poor Isiah was hijacked into work because of a miscommunication. Sort of sucks for the guy. 

But I am lucky to have a job, and I need to focus on that and stop being such a whiny bitch. I mean, seriously. Where do I get off? I have a paycheck coming in. I am more fortunate than many in the country at the moment. 

Speaking of paychecks.

So, if any of you lovely people have been watching the news, you may have heard that in October, Congress passed a continuance for the federal funding through the fourth of March this year. That means a new Congressional board will be determining the appropriation of funds for the federal government this year. However, Democrats and Republicans have been pussy-footing so long that they've managed to fuck up the entire thing. 

Federal agencies this week began drawing up contingency plans for a shutdown, which would be the first in 15 years.

Do you know what that means? That quirky little sentence above here? ^ this one? It means that by next Saturday, if our elected officials don't get off their asses and start shaking hands and signing papers, that the federal government will have to shut down. The entire federal government. Because why? Because they couldn't decide how much money to pay the same programs in the budget for last year, given that our national 
debt is hitting an astronomical high with little view of recovery.

Basically, what a shutdown would mean would be that all federally funded facilities would have to halt in their tracks. Department of Defense in general would stall (unless they could validate a that they are continuing to protect human life/property), and that included DoD schools. DeCA would cease to operate. FBI, CIA, would be on hiatus. Post office, veteran's payments and social security would all pause. All because your government takes all that money out of the budget that they can't agree on. 

Still feeling like the recession is over? Yeah. Me neither. Housing market is about to plummet again, unemployment is still way too fucking high, health costs are rising and benefits are lowering, and credit card companies are preparing for a slam to the face by over charging fees to make up for the lack of incoming payments. Sounds like the first waves of a full on depression to me.

So, let me be the first Generation Y-er to say: I have survived droughts, volcanoes, earthquakes, and hurricanes. I have been through the first on soil terrorist attack in nearly half a century, while being stationed overseas. I have seen passed Y2K, made it through Mad Cow still loving bacon, never been clipped by Bird Flu, avoided Sars and Anthrax. I have been through four bomb threats with legitimate cause for alarm. 

Bring it on, Federal Government Shutdown. Bring it on. 

'Nuff said.

Friday, February 25, 2011


Listening to: The Lonely Island (I just had Sex and Boombox)

Watching: Children's Hospital

For Dawn: Richelle's Blog

So, work is work. Hope was forced out by our prick licking organizational leaders. Truthfully, I hate the way Forever 21 Inc treats its employees. This is 'fast-paced' industry that knows jackshit about loyalty or responsibility. I'm a bit annoyed that she got pinned down by all the crap our ex c-manager Victoria fucked up. I actually liked Hope.


Also, found out one of my coworkers is brilliant with math and is a physics major. Guess whose gonna help me with my stats issues? That's right. And that our stand in store manager freaks out about being called out for poor grammar. Seriously. It was hilarious until I found out she yelled at Orlando. Granted, sometimes I wanna yell at Orlando, she needed to cool her jets.

Christy is updating the episode she's writing, which is full of win. With witty quotes and sharp characters, she's really come ahead as a writer. I love it. I love that it builds her confidence and gets rid of her anger too.

Hmm, what's worth talking about today?

Ate about a pound and a half of gummy bears over the last two days. And found a transformers toy at work. Totally worth it. I'm using it for my profile picture.

I love using gummy bears in pictures. I love using gummy bears, period. they make me happy and they are delicious. Seriously. I can eat pounds of them in single sittings if not supervised.  It makes life much easier to bare when you have bears. Ha.

So, Sarah and I are wearing identical chinese headphones that we bought off eBay. Her's are black and mine are green. They are pretty awesome, and being awesome headphone twins makes it better. Also, she was telling me that her fiction writing professor, whose a hottie with long teeth, admitted to being a vampire today.

The hunt is on.

Other than that, not too much is happening. Talking to a few people I haven't spoken to in a while. I'm remembering why  I used to hang with some of them, and why I stopped with others. Ha ha, ambiguity. God. I miss Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law. 

So, Sarah is full of win, being that she can't stop saying things that make me laugh. We're talking about the GOP and how if they can't agree on a budget by March 4 that the federal government will have no choice but to close due to lack of money, and how that included the post office. She freaked saying 'But I have packages coming from Korea. You know I need my Korean packages!' Haha. I latched onto the second sentence and teased her.

I'm attempting to character sketch each of my darlings, so, if anyone has any idea, please let me know. 

Hmm. Not much else to say, really, except hopefully I can attempt to make this pound cake I found in Southern Living. It's Strawberry Swirl Cream Cheese. Yummy!

Ciao, darlings.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Touching Base

Watching: Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Listening to: This same damn song that I can't manipulate in any way that's good on Magix Music Maker 17.

So, I got a reassuring text yesterday from one of my coworkers that my store manager quit because of the stress of the job. That's delightful. I love not having managers right before inventory. Of course, I have not confirmed this information yet, so who knows? It might not be true. All I know is I was woken up this morning with a plea for me to come in and cover fitting room. I don't do that. It's not that I don't want to help out, it's that I have disabling panic attacks in the fitting room and tend to become a nervous wreck back there.

So yeah, that's probably not going to happen. I'll walk out first. Seriously.

Anyways. My hair is making me happy, I love it. I'm super stoked with how it turned out, lucky me. I'm almost always happiest with my hair when I do it myself. I think it's just pride talking, but whatever. It's cheaper this way too.

Not much is going down lately. I posted a video on youtube, but it's basically just a video version of my last blog. Nothing too exciting.

I have been writing a bit more lately. I'm stalled on my novel, again, but that's usual when I'm stressed. I'm focusing on my fanfictions right now. Actually, I'm in a competition with another writer to see who can update all their active stories fastest starting March 1. I have four, she has six. Maybe I'll update two twice. Anyways, I already have one chapter done, I'm just waiting to post it.

Also, I'm super lazy and super tired lately. Probably the lack of sleep, who knows? I think added stress of hating my job and worry about school is making it worse. But I'm trying not to dwell on it. I've got this on lock. It doesn't matter if I'm lying to myself as long as I believe it.

Normally, this actually works by the way. I can convince not to be a failure at life and it actually helps. So awesome am I.

I've got another story that I may post a part of on here. My friend Christy and I wrote some scripts together back in the day, and due to me sucking on updates and her being awesome, she's taken over the rewrites. Maybe we can switch up seasons, like, she can do season one and I'll do season two when the time comes. Anyways, I'm supposed to be doing a novelization of the show, so maybe I'll post some character scribbles on here to introduce you all to Andy, Ivy, Derek, Ryan, Blaze and Wailes. Oh, and K. Can't forget K. He's awesome.

Also, I should character sketch out my werewolves again since my perception of them has changed greatly. I have too many damn characters that I care about. Jebus.

Anyways, just touching base.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Hair Do

Originally, I was going to call this Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow.

Watching: Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Listening to: Sarah's music.

So, we're updating my look. Again. For the umpteenth time. I'm going to take pictures of the process, which is more elaborate than usual for me, so show what I'm doing. Hurrah!

Before Shot, Front. To show the green. It goes to the sides of my face down to my ears, but its styled to only peek some of the front.

Before shot, profile, I have long hair, but it's actually still pretty thin. Mostly I'm just bleaching the front part, where it is green so that I can put in the knew color.

So, these are my tools tonight. Woot! I'll list them below. Like I said, more elaborate than usual. Also, as you can see, I'm wearing a pretty old robe that I've used to dye my hair for years. That way I know I'm not destroying good clothing.
Manic Panic Flash Lightening Bleach Kit
Tint Brush
L'oreal Paris Preference Medium Brown Natural Hair Color Permanent
Beyond the Zone Color JamZ Not So Shy Violet
Neutrogena Triple Moisture Silk Touch Leave in Conditioner
L'Oreal Ever Pure Sulfate-free Moister Deep Restorative Masque (Color Care System)

First, I divided my hair where I wanted to apply the bleach and pulled the rest back with a pony tail holder and some clips. This way the front segment is not in contact with the red, because I'm using the red as a base color under my Medium Brown. I also used the leave-in conditioner rubbed onto my skin to protect me from the bleach.

My hair in the final stages of bleaching. I did not leave it on for too long, only 50 minutes, because I wasn't going for a straight white base. Mostly this is because of the bleaching I went through a few weeks ago. Don't want to fry my hair out. I jumped in the shower after this to wash this front part out and shampoo it.

My hair after shampooing out the bleach and blowdrying it. Now it's time to apply the brown to the red and after that, the violet to the blonde. Development times should even out for both of them. Just a tip, remember when doing your hair two different colors at the same time to rinse with cold water, otherwise the colors will bleed into one another.

Both of these detail out the separation of my hair colors. The violet seemed very blue when I applied it, here is actually looks purplish. I don't think I left it on long enough, however, so the color is not true.

Here is the final product! As I said, I don't think I left the violet on long enough to fully develop, so maybe in a week or so I'll reapply it and see how that goes. I do like the warm brown though and the icy blue. Not too shabby.

This took about three hours in total. That's not too bad, I suppose.

But yeah, so this was my evening. Now I'm going to go to sleep a bit early because I have an online test tomorrow morning before my quantitative methods lab. Woot! I wish I could just not go, because I want to sleep in, but we have homework due. Gah. I'm so tired this week, already.

Anyways, gotta get some rest.

Guten nacht.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wheres My Cow?

Watching: My grades slip under the radar.
Listening to: Metalocalypse (I'm actually not watching it, but I've seen every season anyways I think).

So, let me start by saying, work is bad. It's very bad. It's a super bad influence especially when certain individuals are thrown into the equation and my insanity is allowed to rear its misshapen little head. I ended up in tears from laughter twice tonight, and really, I can't remember what was funny either time. But it had to have been awesome.

Given that, one of my coworkers, was explaining a series called DiscWorld to me tonight and the book, Where's My Cow came up. And then up, up, up again and twenty-two minutes later twice more. Because she's determined to force me to read this children's book. The series is English (as in UK) written, about forty books long and seems filled with a fantastical array of wonderful characters. I may be getting into this soon. So that's why the title.

I'm easily influenced, obviously.

A few days ago at work I was left (rightfully so) in charge of filling up a four-way with 3.50 tees. We had eight colors and four bars, so I decided to layer them in specific color scheme. We had black, white, grey, purple, blue, yellow, green and red. Naturally, I mixed them to symbolize things I care about. I mixed black and yellow, because come on, who doesn't love bees? They give us honey, they dance to communicate, and if you keep your heart rate low, they don't overwhelm and kill you with their thousands of soldier bee stingers.

Next came purple and green, and oddly the box had the perfect shades for this, to represent our favorite preschool dinosaur: Barney! You say Baby Bop and I'll kick your ass, I swear it, because she always annoyed me with her little blanket and big head and being a different species from Barney but somehow still being related. Then, there was blue and grey. Sorry folks, but seeing as how my dad's from Texad, I've always held a special place for them Cowboys.

The best one of all? Red and white. You know. Colorful vomit, like when you ate a bunch of fruity pebbles for breakfast and spun too fast on the hand-turned little go-round thing that was far too dangerous for children but too much fun not to be on the playground? You know the one. You flung your friends off of it sixty times a week until one of you broke your arm. My favorite about this is: This one sold first! Haha. Yeah. Go me and my marketing genius.

Also, given that I work in coastal Virginia about a hop and skip away from Norfolk, I meet interesting people who know even more interesting things. For instance, we were discussing gangs tonight (not like Maple Street or Butter Cream, guys). Now, one of my exes claimed to be a 'Blood', which I found ridiculous that a white kid from San Diego would be initiated but whatevers, so I thought I'd heard about everything I could on gang formatting.

Apparently not.

There we are at eleven something, straightening our hearts out to get the fuck on out of that soul sucking fiasco of a store, when one of my coworkers talks about bangers and texting. She went on about how annoying it was to get a text from a gang member because it took so long to decipher what they hell they were saying, since they have banned letters.

At this point, I was like, wait. What? Seriously? What does that mean?

She explained that Bloods can't use C, due to it being associated with their rivals Crips. So instead of saying something like, Chilling with my cousins, it's be Billing with my bousins.

And I thought there was no lower point for society to sink to. I seriously thought she was fucking with me. No. This shit is for real. That banger down your street that acts like he'll cap (I'm sorry, bap) a cop (bop) speaks in a code written by a fucking third grader passing notes in math. I mean seriously. I look around the world and point to a random country and their gangs are gonna see ours and piss themselves laughing. You think the mob speaks pig latin to confuse rival thugs?

And there are codebooks for this shit!

Anyways, so we keep talking. She goes on to say how she wishes they'd spend their time doing something useful if they have the time to be making these mind-bending codes. She mentions how there aren't many successful gang members in the world. You don't see them graduating from college or getting promoted or anything.

I said "Of course not. They can't fucking write. I mean, they go to college, take an intro class, have to write a report on Canada. They turn in a paper names Banada and they flunk out because the teacher can't take them seriously at this point."

Seriously, America? The Russians have the mob. The Italians have the Mafioso. We have the Brips and the Cloods. I never thought I'd say this, but heavens, I'm disappointed in our gangs. Can't we put them in some sort of code-breaking class so they can at least learn something cool? Because I think if I was at gunpoint and they started up with that letter switching crap that I'd die laughing. Seriously.

I have thirteen year old fan girls who are scarier than that. And I mean that. I've been threatened three times. Once with the rabbits and twice with clowns.

So I mosey home (at 1 am. Again. God I love my job.) check my email, as is my routine, and smile. Because I know the night will end well when my sista from another mista sends me something titled "You Know I Don't Troll, but...". Sarah makes my heart sing haha.

Also, bought girl scout cookies. Will be sending some to lil bro for him to enjoy while nursing his shank wound.

Lastly, my buddy boy Nico graduated from Basic and is at his school in Mississippi, ready to learn some awesome skills over the next couple of months! W00t! Super proud of him.

Alright, so, I'm spacing out.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Prophetic Rodent

Watching: Jon Lajoie Youtube Vids
Listen to: Kesha, Tik Tok

So, writers block...


I'm supposed to be posting a chapter in one of my YYH fanfics tonight, due to..colorful prompting from one of my readers. Actually, she made me want to write. Her email was amazingly motivating. With quotes like "However, no matter how breath taking your story may be that does not mean I WON'T SEND THE MAFIA BUNNIES AFTER YOUR ASS!!" and then threatening me with those adorably menacing shot gun wielding mafioso rabbits again, how could I not be ready to write. (PS, her name on is animelover56348)

And then, writer's block. And then, writer's block. 

It's frustrating. I love my characters and I'm finally at a point of development where I can do exactly what I want with the story. Only, I can't seem to get it on paper. So I doodled. I ran around with mom. I bought new shampoo (that smells amazing). And I'm sitting here staring at the mocking blink of the cursor behind the last words I wrote that I may as well delete. 

But hey, I bought new pens! Micro point click uniballs! I love micro point,  needle point and extra fine. Ahh the glory of tiny smooth lines that don't smudge. My handwriting is bad enough without adding smearing into the mix.

Haha, the new Audi8 commercial makes me want to buy one. Like the 'Imported from Detroit' Chrystler 200 one. 

Hmm. I just watched by first episode of Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior. I have to say, looks like it's going to make it. Great cast, interesting characters, an a similar but not copycat plotline to the original. So far so good. Your move, TV, your move.

Ha. Eminem in a Brisk commercial. I love the fact he said damn. Seriously. What a hilarious way to get into the advertising game. 

Oh. I would like to point out the pretty accurate predictions of season change by Phil the Groundhog. Honestly, I've become a bit obsessed with our American belief in the prophetic ability of the giant rodent, but hey, the furball is right. It's warmer already and feels like Spring. Hats off to the groundhog. Now Sarah wants to kidnap him and have him live in her closet. I told her this was a pretty silly idea, seeing as how she'd only get to play with him once a year. Badabing. I can hear the crickets chirping already.

I finally managed to finish that chapter, am working on another and should be sleeping at some point but am considering posting something entirely new. No. I can't do it. I just can't. I barely keep up with my beautiful stories as it is, they'll just start to get jealous if I bring another baby home. The woes of a short attention span!

Not that you could tell that from my zig-zaggy topic changes or loopy conversations that I have with myself. Not at all. 

I also have a freaking head cold, so my face feels like it's filled with poly-fil and I keep getting the sensation that I just stood up after sitting upside down, even though I've done neither of those. It's more aggravating than actually painful, but it still sucks ass. 

I have to work tomorrow. I am so not looking forward to spending ten hours locked in that place, dealing with ungrateful teenagers and their entitled parents. Honestly, I really don't have the energy or patience for it. And I'm betting I'll be on the floor and not even on register. Which means I'll probably feel more like crap tomorrow than I did today. Hurrah! But it's money. Which should be getting deposited soon...

But yes. I think I'm actually going to go to bed now, so that I can leave this feeling as if I wrote it coherently.  Have a good one pets!


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Eat Your Heart Out (Valentine's Day)

I'm just going to say, for the record, the color of my legs in this photo is not the color of my skin. I'm wearing pantyhose. Now, it took two and a half hours for everyone at work to realize that tonight. So that paleness you see is actually TAN compared to my actual skin color, haha. I lack so much pigment that albinos feel sorry for me.

But hey, look whose dressing up in the eighties.

So, it's become so hot in the XXI I work at that I was reduced to doing something I deplore. Wearing shorts in public. I have a think about my legs, I hate them being seen by people. Notice the knee high socks to cover half of them? Yeah. But with my grey converse, I looked awesome.

I wrote half of this last night, ahaha. It's the fourteenth now! Valentine's Day is here and I did not get anything for anyone. Though I did send Sarah and Christy a pic from a cutesy artist (Stupidfox comics) and Sarah another less cute, more...interesting, one haha. I love my friends. Today will be spent studying for my test tomorrow, doing homework, and probably doing less than I'm supposed to while listening to Zombie Love Song over and over and writing senseless drabbles about my characters.

I had a dream about Tom tying Jason up, so out of character, but now I'm wanting to write it out haha. My imagination is a dangerous place to live. I feel sorry for my characters, I really do some days.

I really am looking forward to some upcoming releases. Battle: Los Angeles (killer trailer song), I Am Number Four (hot paranormal guy AND Timothy Olyphant? My ticket is bought.), The Adjustment Bureau (Matt Damon you action bastard), Sucker Punch (visuals and gothic style), and that should get me through March.

So, no one offered me a suggestion of what to write for today, and I had written a short drabble about Tom and Jason, mentioned above, but it is incomplete. But I want to put something on here in the name of V-Day! Since nothing else is finished, I will post a song fic! That's song fiction, in laymen's terms for non fan fiction readers. For this one I used the lyrics to Lady GaGa's Monster,  copyright Lady GaGa and YYH copyrighted to a super rich guy in Japan.

Anyways! This is a YusukexScotty one shot that may or may not reflect any part of the actual story. To be honest, I just like writing one shots about my couples haha. Opinions? Advice? Happy Valentine’s!

Don't call me GaGa
I've never seen one like that before
Don't look at me like that
You amaze me

The strobe lights were flashing in different colors, a bit disorientating to Yusuke’s senses. He blinked and watched how the mob of people on the floor writhed and twisted to the music. With the lights flashing it was like living in a flip book. He caught sight of the one he was looking for in the thick of the crowd. The club was stuffed past capacity but no one seemed to care or notice as they throbbed together on the dance floor.
He ate my heart
He a-a-ate my heart
(You little monster)

He ate my heart
He a-a-ate my heart out
(You amaze me)

Scotty turned and saw him coming, the look in his eyes something dangerous as the lights pulsed and flashed. She blushed in the dim lights between the lights. He stared at the boys dancing behind and around her, and it made her hair raise in the best bad way. When he pushed his way to her the other men crawled away, sensing something more powerful in the presence. She swallowed as he grinned at her with more of himself that she’d seen him offer before.

Look at him
Look at me
That boy is bad
And honestly
He's a wolf in disguise
But I can't stop staring in those evil eyes

 He still wasn’t sure what was happening, but he knew she was up to no good.

Scotty,” he had to get right against her to be able to talk to her. The smile he wore faded to a serious look. The tattoos of his demon nature ran over his tanned skin and she appreciated them slowly. “Why are you here?”

“I’m hiding in the darkest light I know,” she breathed. He stared at her and she wasn’t sure he had heard, but then the grin returned and her body reacted.

“What are you hiding from?” he asked as she closed the minimal space between them, and ran her hands up his arms.

I asked my girlfriend if she'd seen you round before
She mumbled something while we got down on the floor baby
We might've fucked not really sure, don't quite recall
But something tells me that I've seen him, yeah

The music pounded through them from their feet up and took control of their minds. She rocked against him in a way he’d never had someone dance before. One of her hands was behind his neck keeping their bodies tightly pressed. He found himself following her rhythm and she closed her eyes, losing herself in something she couldn’t truly have.

She’d never been near a demon like him before. Not as strong, not as human, and not as lovely. From his black tattoos to the scars on his heart he was trying to heal she couldn’t see a flaw.

That boy is a monster
That boy is a monster
That boy is a monster

He ate my heart
(I love that girl)
He ate my heart
(Wanna talk to her, she's hot as hell)

“Scotty,” his tone was rougher and she opened her eyes from the daydreams she wanted to bury herself in. His brown eyes were heavy lidded and made her run her tongue over her bottom lip.

 “Just hide with me in the music,” she had to press her lips nearly to his ear to get him to hear her and the closeness made his arms wrap around her. “Just for tonight, Yusuke.”

 He looked down at her with darkened eyes and she wondered if he’d ever been appreciated before, completely. She wanted him to be happy with the love of his life, but the way he was looking at her made her wonder about the reasons they were so far apart. He was a demon, it was the most delicious part of him, and he seemed so scared about it.

His hands were on her bare sides, the cutoff shirt revealing enough skin to raise some eyebrows. He could feel everyone around them moving, could smell every scent, and no one seemed to care that he was wearing his heritage on his exposed skin. Scotty ran her hand from his neck down his arm, her fingers tracing the tattoos and a feral part of him reacted by sliding one of his hands down over her backside so that he could lift her leg and hook it on his hip to get them closer.

His eyes were making her want to forget their mission, but she couldn’t. She couldn’t cost him this.

He licked his lips
Said to me
Girl you look good enough to eat
Put his arms around me
Said "Boy now get your paws right off me"

Scotty pulled back a bit, taking a shaky breath, but he grabbed her by the arm and pulled her close again.

“I’ve never danced like this before,” he admitted, his lips brushing the cup of her ear and it made her sigh.

 “Me either,” she smirked and he grinned back.
I asked my girlfriend if she'd seen you round before
She mumbled something while we got down on the floor baby
We might've fucked not really sure, don't quite recall
But something tells me that I've seen him, yeah

She turned her back to him, and pressed against his chest backwards. Her hand grazed his cheek as she moved it back to his neck. He found her hips with his hands and followed her lead. A voice in Scotty’s head said this was a disaster in the making, but a growl in her spirit made her ignore it.

“You look natural this way,” she tilted her head back into his shoulder to speak and he bent down to hear her.

“What way?” he asked curiously, neither of them stopping moving.

“Demonic.” The word struck him and he stared at her face as it moved from an expression of seriousness to one of something darker that called to him more. “You look like you’re supposed to be this way.”

For a few seconds he felt like he was. With a girl like her, it was easy to forget how to react to being a monster.

That boy is a monster
That boy is a monster
That boy is a monster

“I want to see your demon,” he breathed against her ear and she arched her back and smiled a wicked grin that had his eyes growing larger.

“I don’t think you want to,” she twisted so they were face to face again, the smile on her lips a bit taunting and sadistic. “It involves a lot of blood and body parts.”

That shouldn’t have made him lick his lips, but it did. Maybe she was worse for him than he thought, but he couldn’t break her spell. Scotty had a pull about her that caught people by the souls and never let go.

“I didn’t stutter,” he told her and she stilled, looking up at him for a moment, caught in his arms with her fingers tracing the outline of one of his markings absently. “I want to see what you keep hidden, like what you brought out in me.”

“I’m not a demon like you, Yusuke. I’m worse,” she warned him. “I have to fight constantly to check myself.”

“I don’t care.”

He ate my heart
(I love that girl)
He ate my heart
(Wanna talk to her, she's hot as hell)

She pulled away, the visualization of showing him her darker side making her withdraw. It was so  much worse that she could see them in that darkness together. His demonic grin calling her to a place she couldn’t go, and hers beckoning him to follow her anyways.

They could do so many wonderful things. If they weren’t on a mission to save his heart. She had to remember they were in a strange state of friendship, no matter what her nature demanded. Her job was to help him, that’s why they had come back to Japan. To help him get his girl.

But he wasn’t looking for Keiko right now, he was watching Scotty.

~                             ~

She backed up until she broke through the crowd and fled, hoping being outside of the warm bodies and music would clear her head. Scotty burst through the door and panted, almost falling over as she tried to suck her sanity back into her.

Warm fingers trailed down the back of her neck and she turned a bit fearfully to see him behind her. The black tank-top he wore looking frail enough to shred in the streetlights. She wanted to see the rest of his tattoos.

He ate my heart
He ate my heart
Instead he's a monster in my bed

"I think I have to go to my hotel,” she swallowed the building sensation in her stomach as he gazed at her. His lips twitched upwards into a smile and she was done. She was caught like a fly in his spider trap, and hoped he knew it.

“I’ll make sure you get there alright.” He didn’t let her argue, and they walked side by side through the streets.

“How did you find me?” she asked, and he smirked.

“I don’t know.”

He stayed so close that she was wrapped in his scent which made it so much harder not to pounce. They passed a few men who cast glances and she stiffened as his arm slid around her like an iron bar to keep her safely tucked away from the people outside.

They were in the elevator headed up to her room, the tight space making her twitch to find a way to escape herself around him. He looked so… she lost the thought as he looked at her from the corner of his eyes. A sparkle in those brown orbs made her breath hitch, a slight growl of want escaping without her permission. He was on her immediately, pushing her against the wall of the elevator as his mouth captured hers roughly.

I wanna Just Dance
But he took me home instead
Uh oh! There was a monster in my bed
We french kissed on a subway train
He tore my clothes right off

The door opened and someone muttered something that the two demons couldn’t hear, or didn’t care enough to try to. He nipped her lip and made her whimper as his hands slid over her skin and when the door opened on her floor he pulled her out by her belt loops. Her hands were tangled in his hair. He slide his hands below her bottom and lifted, so her legs wrapped around his waist as he carried her down the hall. Her back hit the wall beside her room’s door and she fumbled for the key, not wanting to break contact with his lips.

He moved down her jaw to her neck and she moaned his name, making his hands tighten to the point of bruising her thighs as she fished the key card from her pocket finally and slid it through. He opened the door and they stumbled through, finding the bed without looking for it. Her nails bit through the fabric of his shirt and tore it off of him hungrily.

“Didn’t think you had it in you,” he mumbled against her neck before fumbling for fly on her shorts.

"You asked for it,” she warned him and kicked her boots off behind his back. He slid out of his shoes and went to stand but she pulled him back down by the hair. Yusuke grunted as she turned the table and took over. She straddled his hips and ran her hands over his stomach and chest, the look in her eyes making him growl slightly.

“Scotty,” he sat up and grabbed her face, “show me the worst you’ve got.”

“You didn’t have to ask.” She pushed his hand away and stripped her shirt off. Laying back on top of him they rolled back around so that he was on top of her, her nails biting into his shoulders as she muttered his name.

He ate my heart then he ate my brain
Uh oh uh oh
(I love that girl)
(Wanna talk to her, she's hot as hell)

She panted and moaned, and started to undo his pants. He grabbed her wrists and pinned her down, deviousness clear in his eyes.

“I’m going to torture you with tenderness before I let you win,” he hovered over her and the brush of his body teased her to the point of writhing. “Don’t even think of struggling, Scotty.”

“But fighting is what I do best,” she reminded him.

That boy is a monster
(Could I love him?)

He kissed down her chest, still pinning her hands by her sides. Her head began to spin, not only with need, but wondering if there was something more to this. She didn’t want to think right now, but couldn’t help herself.

Was there a reason for this tonight? Or was she trapping herself in another nightmare?

That boy is a monster
(Could I love him?)

"Yusuke,” her tone had lightened and he looked up at her from her stomach, where he nipping and kissing. Her body tingled just with his presence, but it wasn’t worth ruining his life. “Yusuke, you should go back to the temple.”

“You want me to leave?” he loosened his grip on her and lifted himself up to stare at her face with serious contemplation.

“God, no.” she admitted, “I don’t. I don’t want you to go anywhere except where you were just headed. But we came here for a reason, and this isn’t it.”

"I realized that this is a better use of my time.” He told her, smirking. “Scotty, I’m not going back there, not unless I’m bringing you with me, and that would just be embarrassing without a shirt on.”
That boy is a monster
(Could I love him?)

“What?” she stared at him, her libido turned down to simmer for a moment. “What about-“

“I’ve never been able to pull this power out for her. She didn’t fully accept it the one time I did. I realized when I thought you died to save someone who I loved what was happening, Scotty.” He explained.

“So, what?” she asked blankly.

"So, there’s been a change of plan,” he shifted until he was on top of her on all fours. “I’m going to finish what we started, and we’re going to go back to Vince’s.”

She didn’t know what to say and didn’t get much more time to think about it because his mouth captured hers again.

“I want to see every part of you,” he grazed his teeth against her shoulder and she shuddered with need. “Every psychotic, blood soaked outburst, I want to see it tonight.”

That boy is a monster

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Souls up for eBay

Original Time Stamp: Feb 8th, 2011 11:03pm
Watching: Family Guy, because it’s nighttime and that’s what I do.
I went to see Monster Jam Sunday night with my Dad.  It was freaking amazing. I love big trucks and loud noises and minibikes. The guys next to us were young douchebags who couldn’t be bothered with other people so they left early. I must be cheap because I wouldn’t walk out on an event that I’d paid money to see unless it was truly horrible.
So, living in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, naturally the big name of the big trucks was Gravedigger. He hails from our slice of the state, apparently. Dad and I discussed that, because back in Idaho, Big Foot was the big name to hear. Anyways, locals love locals, pride and all that.
So, an original body style Gravedigger with the original 1980s color scheme was debuted. Beast was badass. Not the usual black and lime green, graveyard scene I’ve been used to. It was silver and blue. But man, that truck could race and jump. The only one I liked better than it was Ironman, and that’s because I want to have Tony Starks alcoholic love child. The other trucks were local (coastal) names, I think. Black Stallion, which didn’t do so badly but couldn’t touch Ironman and Gravedigger. Ironman only came out to play to kick some ass and take some names. Gravedigger was parked backstage, and he only emerged from the shadows to kick Ironman’s ass, or any other taker.
Then there was Prowler and Predator. Just the names made me feel like I was settling in for a Dateline special. I kept waiting for some guy to run screaming across the arena while a camouflaged cop chased him with a baton. Anyways, the trucks ran pretty nice. Big, loud, able to compact full sized sedans in merciless jumps of giant trucks onto unsuspecting metal. However, they were also both painted like large jungle cats with extra fluff. 
Really, I could almost feel Chris Hansen getting anxious for a good show.
Then there were the street trucks who ran the track (a quick loop on the arena floor of the Hampton Colosseum). Two Fords, Two Chevys, some Dodges, a Jeep and some Isuzu’s. The Jeep kept overworking it and stalling just after his lap, so he had to be pushed to the back by the mini-bobcat waiting to rescue fallen competitors. Most of the other vehicles were alright, and actually the Isuzu’s were my favorite simply because they were not afraid to roll or jump their little samurai compact SUVs. 
And much to my Ford girl’s heart, two of the Dodges proved why I drive Chevy or Ford. One of them took the jump too hard, mostly because his giant truck was not suspended for it, and BAM. Out came his driveshaft, skittering across the dirt floor. he hit the van that acted like a bumper between the arena and backstage. The other, a little truck, ran out of gas. I was weak with laughter.
The minibikes were quite awesome as well, coming out to race a few laps during each setup. During their last race though, one of the riders stalled on the hole shot. Then to make up time, and I couldn’t help but laugh, he threw one of the traffic cones at another riders and tried to make a quick getaway while the other guy was down. They both lost, but it was still funny.
It was a pretty awesome night, in the end. We ate cheeseburgers at iHop and called it good.
So fast-forward the week and we end up here, Tuesday night, catching up on writing because I have been very lazy. I’ve been perusing eBay a lot lately, mainly because I am, again, cheap. So far I’ve gotten a nice Korean hoodie (20.25), a leather cuff bracelet (4.25) and a new pair of super huge headphones (7.99). In the process of showing Sarah how to properly bid via Skype, I told her some information I received a long time ago.
You can, apparently, buy and sell human (and other entity) souls on eBay. I’m serious. Go type in real human soul and you’ll pop up with some listings. Once I did it and found fourteen ‘vampire’ souls for sale, attached to various artifacts. This befuddled me, mostly because I don’t normally imagine real vampires as having souls, but hey, who am I to cast stones?
Now we’re plotting are (hopefully) trip to Vegas to celebrate our 21st birthdays. If we get it done, it’ll be amazing. So amazing. 
Not much else to say, so I’ll leave with a short about me and one of my characters, which is entirely the fault of Sarah, too much candy and not enough sleep. Mmm. Gummy bears.
“What the hell do you want from me?!” Sin yelled, throwing her hands in the air. Jason stared blankly at her and she continued to ramble and rant. “Bastard perfectionist!”
Her cell phone vibrated, causing her to abruptly end her ranting and pick it up while the blond haired blue eyed man watched her closely.
“Stop scrutinizing me!” she snapped, reading the text message. Her cheeks began to burn slightly. Jason leaned over her shoulder, interested in what made the red head blush. He smirked and she felt the hairs on the back of her neck rise with impending doom.
“I’ll take the chains,” he breathed against her ear, making her eyes widen. “But if I’m going to be watching a show, I’m going to demand one a bit more personal than some cartoon.”
Her face burned scarlet as his hand slipped to her side.
She squeaked, making him grin victoriously. “Fine, I’ll start on the rewrites!”
“No, no.” he shook his head, tickling her ear with his golden blonde hair. His hands caught her waist as she grew redder in the face. “I think this idea is a better use of your time.”
“God damnit Sarah!” she complained as the much larger vampire pulled her backwards into his lap. She sighed in defeat. “My mind is a dangerous place.”
“Mine is worse.” He whispered and she felt her eyes grow wider as she turned to see the devious look in his icy eyes. “But I promise it’ll be the tastiest pain you’ve ever had.”
“I need therapy.”
“You will after tonight.”

I Feel Like If I Were On Ecstasy...

...this conversation would taste better.
Original Time Stamp: Feb 3rd, 2011 1:16am
Watching: Something on Adult Swim
Listening to: my bedroom fan.
That’s right, you heard me. I said it. So, after downing roughly three hundred grams of sugar in the form of gelatinous bear shaped deliciousness (don’t worry, they’re fat free), drinking a Dr. Pepper, two cokes, and stuffing my face with a metric fuckton of carbs, I have reached a point in my monthly sleep deprivation cycle where I become hilariously exhausted.
Conversations like the one this blog is titled after ensue. Sarah fights me to sleep. I win, because I’m Germany. And life spins on in a never ending, slightly depressing torrent of normality. Or what we deem normality, since that is a relative term.
Also, at this point, I enter a state of slight fuzzy headiness. Which means I blink a lot, touch my arms frequently, and overall look like a drug addict who needs a fix. In my case, I need more bears, man. However, apparently, Gummy withdrawal looks a lot like crack withdrawal to customers.
And Ecstasy to Sarah, apparently.
Speaking of Sarah, she’s discovered recently that in this state, my main comeback is “Your Mom” or “Your mother.”  Such as, “Your mother should go to sleep.” or “Your mother should stop eating sugar.”
Real intelligent, yeah? Ironically, this is when I do my best work creatively. Mostly because I don’t have the brain cells to tell me when to shut up or leave out details, and my mind truly believes all of my designs are possible. If I had my way I’d be like this all the time.
I was once told by a classmate that the reason I don’t try to control my insomnia is that I find it romantic. So true.
So, I had work tonight. It was slow as hell (which I think is a fallacy. As Full as Hell is, it should be a non-stop fest of stuff happening), warm as hell, and boring. The people I normally rely on for companionship or entertainment weren’t there to close tonight, so I was alone. Luckily I kept busy.
I’m going to stop writing before I say something too strange to take back. If that’s possible.  
Oh, so I’m thinking of doing a set of youtube videos on creative self-defense. That is, using yourself and your environment to aid you in defending yourself against an attack. For instance, using a school book to disable someone but hitting them in the throat with it. Also, basic self defensive information would be given. 
Opinions? Share them. 
Jesus. Ryan Reynolds is Canadian? I don’t know how I feel about that. But I’m almost positive that I didn’t want to have this information. GO BACK CLOCK, GO BACK.