Thursday, November 17, 2011

No longer a Ginger, Still no Soul

Well. I'm hungry, its 11:12pm and I have no more episodes of Big Bang Theory to ogle. Ramen it is.

So, I've been rotating easily between the two worlds of severe boredom and sleep deprivation lately and the result is doing some odd things, writing several chapters for National Novel Writing Month in a single day, and discovering 9GAG. Oh, 9GAG. I feel like you're what everyone meant to save me from my warning me about 4chan. Too late. Soul's gone.

Escaped being a ginger (not that I dislike it) by dyeing my hair dark brown, still forfeit my soul. I'm just doomed, it seems, might as well enjoy it!

So, I'm not sure if I actually made a reference to this or not before but when I visited Maine a post-friend of a friend of mine kept doing what they called The Necromorph Dance. Dead Space, bro. Now, these fucking humanoid monstrosities are nightmares bred with spiders.

(Stolen from Courtesy of ....too fucking long. Its from Google)

They like to eat you. Or stab you. Or delight you with a casual dance that is meant to be imitated with two human beings because we simply lack the sheer number of arms necessary to accomplish the dance on our own. Watching this was a highlight of my visit. Watching Emily fling herself onto David's back and they both started doing it without cue? Out of this world. Doing it on your own, behind your father's back?

Yeah, not as cool. Anyway, school is nearly done and I'm managing to fight the horde of zombies also known as final projects. You want something that truly wants your brain? Try be a fucking engineer. I'm not, but still, vector calculus looks like Klingon to me. 

In local news, I need a FUCKING job. Applied at Target, got a dismissal email. Ka-fucking-pow, bro. Not even a decent rejection call. Just an email that basically said "We saw you worked for Forever 21, and we choose to not associate with your kind." I cuss a lot more later at night than I do when the sun is out. Like a language vampire. Not that I'm much better during the day. I applied at H&M, so hopefully that goes through. Its a temp position, which is what I want, pays over minimum and hey, clothes. All I know is that I need to get my savings back up so I can get my ass up north. I want to start my year of good graces. 

Well, I'm done ranting and such for the night. More updating. Other than my ferrets being overly stimulated jackwagons there isn't much else to talk about. So, have a goodnight. 

Ciao, bitches. 

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