Friday, December 9, 2011

Tree Octopodes

It's finals week, I'm panicking like a mad woman. The weather is shifting so rapidly my head feels like it will explode in five seconds. There's a lot going on, I've got to say.

So, in my mad rush yesterday to finish (by finish I mean start, edit, and print) my eight page autobiography for Fiction class I happened to be present for something interesting. A psychology graduate student was being reviewed by a panel of senior staff (double entendre there, because all the gents were old as sin).

On a random note, I'm getting pissed at Chrome for telling me entendre is not a word, but gents is. Moving back to the topic at hand.

This girl is about twenty-two at most. She's explaining to them that in her teaching assignment she wanted to explain things in two meshed ways. Be innovative. Involve the class. How to use Xtra Normal to get the students to build funny tutorials so they grasp the materials. That caught my attention. I about pissed myself with laughter when she started explaining about The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus and the movement to save it as an endangered species. When one the older men asked if this was a legitimate campaign I almost had to walk away.

I had never heard of this before at this point, but the mere idea was enough to make me die of laughter. Then I looked it up.

I had a joygasm. Legitimately, I snorted and felt euphoric amounts of pleasure. A website that mentions both Sasquatch, an octopus that lives in conifers, fights over grammar and how to become the biggest idiot in the woods since snype hunting is what heaven is made of. The further I got into the website, the more ridiculously amazing it became. They have faux scientific names and photos and everything. This is the best internet hoax since Bonsai Kitty.

In other news, Russia is in the midst of a revolution because Valdimir Putin rigged the presidential election in the most idiotic way possible. 140% of votes went to him alone. That's not including the votes for other candidates, mind you. You want the news on that, go to Because apparently Russian government has implemented one hell of a blackout on the media so the story can't be leaked. You know. Since the developed world isn't all the keen on outright oppression.

Let's see. I'm starting work tomorrow. I have two exams left until I'm done with the semester and hopefully school. I'm anxious about it.

I don't have much else to say at the moment. So, goodnight world!

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