Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sound Art is Revenge

Well, the passed few weeks have been interesting. My poor little white Ninja drowned in a flash flood that hit our condominiums. I've been to South Carolina twice. My favorite part?

David, my darling, came to visit for four days. It was amazingly high inducing to have him close enough to brush my fingers against. My vague memories and all the pictures he's sent me did not do him justice. It was like a waking dream to have him riding shot gun with me, having him close enough to breath in and talk to so that I could see his facial reactions. I've never been one to get high off of someone's presence, but that boy is some sort of drug to me.

He brought me a moose pillow pet from Maine. I squealed and huggled it. Her name is Lucy the Moosey, and she smells just like him. So kamfy too. Between her and my $1.62 pillows from Walmart my bed is super comfortable at night.

Anyhow, David is a music major. He's brilliantly talented at composing and is particular amazing at playing string instruments (guitar and piano being my two favorites, though I'd love to hear his violin). I had the pleasure of hearing some of his personal creations and have never been so impressed in my life. Of course, I am a little biased. After all, he did sort get to leave with my heart in his back pocket.

David's first night in town lead us from the airport right to the beach, where we walked under the moonlight. He carried me part of the way because I was in heels. It was beautiful, being able to lay in the sand beside him in the quiet night watching silver waves hit the shore. Watching him. Then we spent Thursday between my classes and the dealership where I bought my lovely 2006 Ford Focus, dubbed The Beast. It was dreadfully boring for him and mum, but they stuck it through like champs. Friday we did homework and hit up Busch Gardens for Hallowscream.

Saturday we spent the day at Busch Gardens again, courtesy of my fun pass and his free ticket. Roller coasters are way different after dark than they are during the day. It was all sorts of levels of epic. We ate like obese first graders. By that I mean I unleashed my inner fat girl and dove face first into a strawberry shortcake funnel cake (funnel cake, powdered sugar, chocolate sauce, strawberries and ice cream) and we shared a blue raspberry icee. When we finally headed home after being bosses, we met up with the family to go out to dinner. Twas delicious and meat filled.

On our way to Logan's we passed a Hooter's and I made a joke about becoming a Hooter's girl for a new job, since I'm still mooching off my parents and have to move in December so I can keep my obligations. Mom made a joke about me not being able to wear the shorts and David's response was "Hey, you can work there and I can drop of school to go to Europe and try to be a rockstar". I nodded and took his point, but told him it was a hot idea. "Fine, I'll drop out and start to do sound art".

Fuck. That. He's too talented to waste his life on that horrid drivel. Unless its a true passion of his, which its not, I refuse to allow him to destroy himself that way. Ever heard sound art? If not, then don't. Honestly, out of the HOURS of pieces he's endured there has been only one that wasn't so God awful he thought it had some form of practical application.

Point was made. Cyn will not be a Hooter's girl for the safety of my love's future.

Anyhow, he made me crepes with chocolate in bed and had to leave Sunday. Honestly, I don't know what I did to land him, but I'm so thankful for whatever it was. We have this Perpetuating Cycle of Awesome that rolls around us in which we are constantly shocking each other with points of compatibility we hadn't considered before.

Also, this blog has been written under the influence of hydrocodone, one of the ingredients in Vicodin. I have a severely sore throat and a fever, so the doctor decided narcotics was the way to go. Which would have been awesome if they worked. As it is I don't feel particularly inebriated in any sense of the word, I'm wide awake and still in pain. Meh.

I'm going to go bother Tim now with my love. Goodnight all!

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