Monday, June 18, 2012

Maine Moose

As most of us know now, I live in Maine now. Its been a few months, some of them easier than others (money-wise) but overall its been pretty wicked. That's what we say up here. Wicked. Honestly, its like the South transplanted a state up north just to show it whose really boss. The people are sweet and friendly most of the time. The place is covered in green. There's beaches and amazing seafood. Historical houses. Awesome.

This week we have a friend visiting! Ms. Kanarae if you Tumblr or DevaintArt. She's pretty damn cool. I like it when people visit because life turns into an adventure! :D Her first night was spent engaged in a Supernatural drinking game sure to get you plastered. It was fun. Hit my limit earlier than those two vikings (Kaihley and Emily). It was also Jaime's first night back from visiting her mum and step-dad in Florida. Seems like it did her a lot of good. So the whole fam damily was up here at our place.

Yesterday some of the girls (it was Father's day and Ms. Hill spent it with her dad) and I got to go to Boothbay Harbor to derp around. The weather was beautiful. We ate at a lovely place that I don't remember the name too. There was calamari, salad, good natured waiter trolling (which he was well compensated for) delicious sirloin burgers and making things awkward by slipping on my jeans over my shorts at the table. We were the funnest group in the joint. Also, we hit up Enchantments. I got David some lovely lavender oil. It left my hands feeling amazing. Then we hunted for a music box store that had to exist but we couldn't find it.

 After I dropped Kaihley and Em at the apartment, Jaime and I went to see David again. We ended up at Subway so they could share dinner and make good conversation before she headed back to her apprenticeship. Which sounds really neat. Learning to live primarily out of nature, and more reasonable ways to do things. Anyway, when we headed up to Farmington I decided we would looking for this guy who 'bought' her Jeep from her without actually giving her the money due. Cops are involved. On the way to taking Jaime back to her actual living facility, we saw a moose.

That's right. A MOOSE. The unicorn of the North. The animal kingdom's lumberjack. The mascot of Maine's durability. A moose! It was young female. She was so majestic and furry. I stopped the car initially because her eyes glinted in the darkness and I thought "Deer, there could be more." Then, there she was. Walking alone through the mountainous woods of Maine. The best part was she didn't have a calf with her. Apparently moose are incredibly violent and protective. They'll straight up charge at a car, jump on top of it and demolish it. Several people have died this way from the roof caving in and breaking their necks. The best suggestion is to reverse and see if you can outrun it.

When we dropped Jaime off I discovered another wonder. There are fireflies in Maine. Say what now? I had not idea those buggers survives all the way up here! It was magical.

Drove back with David then came home. Took Em to see her dad and share Chinese with him at work. That was nice. Mr. Pete is pretty cool. Then we came home, just Em, Kaihley and myself and ordered Dominos. I hit the sack and for the first time in a while, actually slept through the night I think. I had terrible dreams though.

One was about this kid in who had been spooked by his friends and developed the power to control metal. Like Magneto but less malicious. Mostly he just lifted it and move it place to place. I freaked because his friend was very powerful at doing what he was new too. Apparently I wanted to protect them. Keep them in control of themselves. Just in case they rampaged and murdered all the people. The other dreams were more emotional than frightening. Just weren't pleasant. BUT. I slept. So, mission fucking accomplished there.

Toodles, bros.

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