Thursday, March 22, 2012


So, I'm walking around with my boyfriend on Monday on our way to rent Army of Darkness (considering doing a fem version of Ash?) when out of the dimming blue sky my mind is like "Dude, remember that idea you used to have? You know, of becoming a published author and not wasting your life? Why don't we work on that?"

After a wicked night of Bruce Cambell, dubstep and ice cream I came home to my little apartment and starting diligently gathering my better poems. I put them in the right format and I promptly uploaded the manuscript to CreateSpace. I have now have an ISBM number for my future book of poetry Made from Scratches. Em, Hill and I are doing the cover photo today. Maybe. Then the cover will be done and the manuscript will be reveiwed and shit will be ready to GO.

SIDENOTE: CreateSpace is an independent publisher through Amazon that allows people to produce genuine products of their creativity and sell them through Amazon, CreateSpace and other venues as a physical to digital product. Because it is not contractual, and you retain all the rights to your work, its a pretty good gig. Plus, you know, royalties.

I feel sort of awesome. Of course, I have huge reservations and doubts and no expectations of success at all, but HEY, I'm getting off my ass and doing it. The worst that happens is that I lose a little faith in myself on the level of poetry.

I just wanted to share that tidbit of my life.

Here's my superlameface website:  go there. Give me some advice on how to make it swankier.

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