Monday, January 17, 2011

Accept It

Watching: NCIS marathon
Listening to: Shatner of the Mount by Fall on Your Sword

Okay, so deep breath, I'm making the big leap into the blogosphere. This strange world of personal information, quips, travel writing, and odd (but sometimes touching) stories is a new land for me to land on. So far it's been a rocky start. Decided on blog names, post titles, themes and colors and how witty to be. My original blog link was taken by a person who hasn't posted in eight years... so I made one up that I felt worked just as well!

Well, not really. I'm a journal girl, and I mean that I actually write in a notebook. I have seven finished ones after three or so years of writing nearly daily. So this is just a more public form of that exercise.

Basic starting information about me will probably be pretty typical. I'm a twenty-something female, obviously a Gemini (I know, I know, you're shocked). My hair color is in a constant state of change, at least in part. Right now it is dark brown with purple shadowing under my bangs and on the sides of my face and reached to my shoulders. I write, a lot, in my free time and in class, as it is my passion. On some occasions I attempt to draw. I'm rewriting a novel of mine for the third time, and its showing more promise than before.

So maybe I'll get famous and you'll come to read my blog because I'm obviously so awesome and talented. Or you'll buy my book because you read the blog.

I live with my parents because I go to college and work at a low-paying retail chain, and therefore have no money to live on my own with. Am I ashamed? No. This is a sound financial decision.

My imagination runs about as wildly as my mouth. So I will probably make plenty of references to characters in my stories, from shows or movies, or from real life. Some of these things will make sense, more of them won't at all.

I enjoy parodies, Mel Brooks films, reading, DBZ Abridged, YYH abridged, and enjoying life with a slightly warped, mostly dangerous sense of humor.

You'll come to love me, just accept it.

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