Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Insomnia Sparks Productivity

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So, being the sort of person that I am, or more so being the insomniac aspiring author with too much creative energy to do anything with that I am, I tend to find ways to spend my sleepless nights being productive. When it's warmer outside, I wood work. I'm currently fashioning a sword out of a thin spread of white pine, and by currently I mean since last summer.  When it's cold, I tend to write more often, Stumble a lot, watch way too much YouTube, and browse through DeviantArt look for talent to emulate.

On the occasion that I have both a lot of free time AND a lot of late night energy, I draw. I'm pretty abysmal at it. I still try though. A pipe dream that will never quite die in me. Like my hope that despite lacking talent I can still be a rock star (Here's looking at you for inspiration Beiber). Last night I managed to create two or three not-so-gauge-your-eyes-out awful drawings that still look like an eighth grader in art class drew them.

Mainly, though, between Skyping Sarah (the sister I wasn't graced with by birth because God liked either of our mothers too much) and drawing childish things, I managed to write.

Now, currently I have a novel I'm rewriting for the third time (this time in third person, which is kicking my ass. I'm a first person narrative kind of girl) that actually shows some promise. Another of my books has been shelved for three years due to conflicts with the rewrite. It was nearly four hundred pages handwritten and still in the middle of the tale, so I decided to revamp the whole damn idea. A gathering of short stories that I hope will miraculously blossom into amazing novels. A partially thought out third novel. A poetry collection that takes up a full disk of memory. Two stories of fanfiction dedicated to Yu Yu Hakusho to keep me from becoming too stagnant with writers block. And finally a new story idea that I've become engrossed with.

I'm a paranormal fiction writer by expertise. Expertise at twenty, you scoff? Yes. I've been researching, reading, dreaming, watching movies and shows about most things paranormal and unnatural since I was six years old telling vampire stories during sleep overs. You got a vampire question? I can give you six different theoretical answers.

And no, they don't fucking sparkle.

This new story, though, changes venues a bit from my usual vampire or werewolf lore. Now I'm branching into demons, which is something that is far more vague and uncertain for me. There are literally thousands of demons for every culture. I don't just mean Bible story horned goblins, but actual soul-eating-flesh-stealing bastards. Ah, my new love.

So far I have introduced the female lead, a seventeen (almost eighteen) year old blue-green eyed brunette who cusses too much and is a foster child in a comfortable home, and her initial struggles to set up for the impending fate. I have to say, this economy is the best plot spark I've ever had. It's so much more believable to have someone's home stripped away from them now, and have someone lost in the system, than ever.

I have eight pages written about a demon and a girl who royally pisses him off with no defined plot line so far. I have the set up, the plot idea, and the ending all prepped and ready to go. I'm hoping to make this novel a short one (My first finished novel that I'm rewriting was 396 pages long, edited).  I steer very clear of classic love stories of he came, she saw, they mated, unnecessary fourth installment. I just don't have time for all that. I'm more of a show me you love me don't profess it like a depressed fourteen year old sort of writer. I like action, spunk, bitchiness, blood, cars and guns in my books.

So, I'm planning to post little updates of that in here as well as the other books. I'm sure you'll all fall in love with Christina, Tom, Jason, Wailes, Edan, Valencia, Forrest, Silver, Bain, Damien, Adrain and Shawn over time. They are quite interesting people with troubles and back stories and hatreds that run deep into their souls.

Anyways, being struck by the electrical bolt of inspiration now, so I'm going to dash. I don't think anyone has actually started to read blog, and few probably ever will, but if you have comments, questions, or anything for me to talk about, leave a comment. I'm a fan of responding to everyone who talks to me. Ask my followers on

Guten Abend.

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