Friday, January 21, 2011

Burn Baby Burn

I'm officially trying to illustrate my newest story, Burn in a comic style. I would've said manga, but it doesn't read right to left. I'm actually surprised that the first page has come out as well as it has in the whole hour and a half I've worked on it. I'm not an artist, but I try. So it's really well done for my childish art level.

This is the story of my fire demon Edan and his human psychic companion Valencia. Well, really its her story, but I normally love my boys the best. It's going to be amazing. I'm sticking to the dark, seething almost apocalyptic world. I'm actually going to have Valencia have to darken herself to fit into it more. Which will mean something later. To Sarah. My only fan.

I plan to have her have to fight to the death with a girl who has a knife towards the end. Though she's naturally sarcastic, I want to force her to have a sunny-ish personality. A real, I want to help everyone, type girl who is forced to grow up and face the reality that not all the people in the world who ask for help are worth the effort. I'm a sadistic author, I think.

I also plan to not have them say the words 'I love you' because it is overdone and not necessary in a story with romance.

Aside from the world in my head, I have had a busy day. I had a meeting with a Study Abroad advisor to discuss a future trip to Stuttgart Germany as well as England that I hope to go on. Got me hopeful, but does not look as promising as I wish.

Also, one of my characters, Jason Hart, has a facebook (mainly for entertainment reasons on my part) and I am now in a three way conversation with him, myself, and Sarah. The night is young.

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