Saturday, January 29, 2011

I've Got to Stop Being so Damn Awesome

Watching: Family Guy
You know, I’ve never actually seen a full episode of Yugioh. That was my little brothers forte, not mine. I was more of the typical fourteen year old female Inuyasha fan. Figures, right? However, I love the singer because he is win incarnate as a member of TeamFourStar. Him and Lanipator, who I would marry. 
So. Life, right? Am I right? Of course I am. 
I work at a retail outlet that barely has customer service set into its business plan and pays the minimum possible while trying to seem overly generous. Yeah. The store has bright ass yellow bags and is generally way too loud, filled with teens, moms who want to match their teens (moms who wear their teen’s jeans), and occasionally escorts. You know the place.
So, I’m at work, being studious of my job as a cashier. I was promoted in August to a new position and am really happy about it. Recently had some discrepancy over my job, but I won, so, let’s not create zombies out of dead subjects, neh? There’s a particular member of the staff that I have been ogling on the sly for several months, mainly because his girlfriend (now not-so-much) works with us and it seemed weird to go for it. The other night he was being very fliratious, as was I, since it is my nature. 
He asked for my phone number, and I gave it, and now I’m wondering whether I should bang my head against the closest hard surface (sorry keyboard) or just sit back and see what happens. Actually, I’ll do both. 
kiybm vkihyuhuhy(<== result of head bang)
Now, to let the chips fall where they may. 
Just as an aside, I’m Skyping Sarah as I write. For some reason her mic isn’t working, yet she continues to try to to talk to me. I can’t read lips very well, my Batman training is still in the initial stages after all. 
OH. My sound was turned down…somehow that must still be her fault. For I cannot be blamed for her technical difficulties. 
Also, I’ve been talking to a friend of mine who will remain nameless, and I’m thinking that like everyone else in my extracurricular life, I will avoid personal time with him unsurpervised. I have a fear that my friends are attracted to me, which normally results in me acting very awkwardly. Sarah says I have to stop being so damn awesome. 
I agree. End of story.
So, back to being at work last night. There I was at the counter. My manager walks by and says something for me to do. My response “Your Mother.” The customer at the counter thought I was talking to her. This resulted in me telling her “That’s right, I’m not afraid to comment on your mother even though you are a stranger.” Her friend thought it was hilarious and this started a list of jokes that are only funny to a select few. 
The first was “Your mother is so fat, she should be worried about her increased risk of cardiovascular disease” and we went downhill from there. My favorite of the evening was “What is green and has wheels? Grass. I lied about the wheels.”
This is my life, in a nutshell, about thirty hours a week. Sometimes I get eye candy too. I like those days.
And at home? I talk to Sarah online and we have hilarious conversations that need to be posted as videos on youtube but I always forget to record them. 
Tonight’s topic? Facebook stalking, and how she’s undercutting my authority.
She wants to Facebook stalk people I perhaps might maybe pay too much attention in real life. I told her this was undercutting my authority in the hierarchy. Then explained that since I stalk her, every move she makes is known to me, proved it by quoting a conversation (which I thought I was making up). 
Now I’m writing a fanfiction, discussing romancing people, and the difference between regular ‘i’m-homophobic’ male response to being called gay and the ‘great-now-thinks-I’m-gay-and-won’t-accept-my-come-ons’ response. 
That about caps it off for today, folks. 

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