Monday, July 4, 2011

Treasure Hunting

Gene Simmons is probably one of my favorite people to watch on TV. Which partially pains me, because I dislike reality TV. There’s something about Family Jewels that just strikes me right, though. I really love watching it.

We’re watching it between power outages in the face of this kickass Independence Day storm. All I’m saying is and there’s a lot of lightning and there’s a patriotic holiday among us. This sounds like a strong setting for an invasion.

Just saying.

There will probably not be many fireworks going off, what with all the natural sky explosions happening. It’s okay. I prefer thunder and lightning. It’s more relaxing, less intrusive (unless you’re Gidget), and doesn’t involve gunpowder. Although, I am a fan of explosions.

I’ve been slimming down my stockpile of horded crap recently. Went through our storage shed with my brother and his friend, and went through years worth of backlog of my life. It’s funny, actually. So much of the stuff was stuff I’d thought I had lost, or didn’t remember having in the first place.

It was like a strange treasure hunt in which I found pieces of myself that I hadn’t known I was missing. Delightful. I found a story I’d written in the sixth grade about me and a friend of mine, and god, it was so awful. Blackmail worthy. So naturally I read to Sarah over Skype last night. Oh god, the laughter. Also, writing a fan story based on a story you’ve actually written, formed as a gift for a third party?

Sooooo tacky. But I did it.

She can scoff all she wants. She knows she loved it. Haha.

I found a ton of my old stories, sketches, poetry and random whatnots as well. It was sort of refreshing to go through it all again. My brother can say what he wants about me being a packrat. There are reasons I keep the things I do that he thinks are useless. Those stories have history. I may never work on them again, but I like to go back and reread them sometimes. It helps me remember who I am and who I’ve been.

I found a letter from my Paw Paw Holt, and it made it me cry just to read his name on the envelope. I didn’t even get to read it. Instead I read this signature book I had people sign during my last week of school in Mountain Home. My debate team, my friends, classmates and teachers.

Also, that camera I talked about a while back, I found it! Hurrah for relics of the past! I just gotta charge up the batteries and take that baby out into the world again. Maybe I’ll do that thirty day challenge then. I’d much rather do it if I had editing software worth a damn on a laptop that could hold a charge for longer than thirty seconds, but I’ll make do.

Work has been good, fun. Some newbies, namely Elizabeth and Tim and some others, are making it a much easier experience for me. Tim even came to my aid and helped me put a band-aid on my injured finger today! Haha. God I'm clutsy. I punched a ladder leaning against a wall with my elbow. I tripped. I roughed up my skirt on the counter and stabbed myself in the finger to the point of bleeding. Yup.

Say something.

Still dressing up and confusing everyone. I’ve told them that I come in inspired by other people (Cinderella, coworkers, characters) and do my best with my clothes to mimic the idea behind the look. It’s fun. I have to learn to mix, match and do my makeup to get others to see what’s in my head. It’s a good way to work with what I’ve got and keep my hands off of new clothes, as I can’t spend money.

You know, with that kickass trip to Maine coming up. I’m thinking this is going to be a light packing, jeans, tees and jacket sort of stay over. Apparently it’s still cold up there. I’ve never been that far North before. Should be an adventure! That reminds me, I need to warn Emily so she can warn her friends that I plan on filming large portions of events to come, and post them on Youtube. Travel Vlog time!

Oh yeah! Quote of the Day: "I don't care enough about your soul to eat it. It seems like it rotted a long time ago. Bad for the digestion." 

Any how, no idea when power will decide to die again, so I’m going to go do awesome things by candlelight.

Laters, minions. 

PS: Oh yeah, you're all minions now. Get used to it. 

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