Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Forgetful Me

Listening to: Martin Solveig ft Dragonette- Hello

Watching: Gene Simmons Family Jewels

Everyone should visit and contribute to this site (like I will when I get something I won't to say):

I just recently began opening the store after six months of closing. It screws up my schedule still because 7:30 in the morning is not  beautiful time to me as I rarely sleep before 2. The other night it was 5. Plus, random lucid nightmares about zombies and tunnels to other worlds and I may have fallen asleep watching Sliders but I'm not sure. Normally I sleep to Adult Swim but I might've rolled onto the remote.

Anyways, the point of me talking about opening the store was that I was studying the request off calender. Apparently something was going down on the 27th (July) because my name was on the date and I kept trying to remember why. Nettie's birthday was before mine, as was Dawn's, my dad's and bro's. Running buddy and mom's birthdays aren't until September and I don't think there was anything else I needed to do. It literally took me six hours to remember it was the day of Warped Tour that I'm still not going to. I'm sorry, but Blink-182 dominates any other band as far as concerts I want to go this year. Except Journey.

I need story prompts. I should be practicing my character development, perspectives and styles but I can't think of anything good to write. Hopefully I'll come up with something.

Oh yeah, people at work are still convinced I'm dating someone on the down low. I think my parents are suspicious too. My boss flat out told me she didn't care what I said, I had a boyfriend because I came in on Sunday with my hair, nails and make up done and was wearing a dress. Seriously. I'm trying to adapt as a person, create the professional image of myself I'll be expected to sell in order to get a real job. Coiffed, professional, and strong.

Oh God, mom's Carolina BBQ ribs are so good. So much sauce on my face. And now my pants. Damn it.

Transformers! Yeah. I saw that tonight. I wish I could have a Bumble Bee. I love that little guy. He's so sweet and fast and protective. The new love interest I felt was better than Megan Fox, and I felt she was actually better looking. Though I did like Ms. Fox's character I won't lie. It was a good movie, better than the second one.  Dad said the reviews sucked, but I liked it still. Of course, as I've said before, I do like B-fliks so maybe I'm not the best judge. I just enjoy movies as movies and try not to compare them to much else.

The previews were good. The more I see of Real Steel the more I think of Rock-em-Sock-em Robots. The Captain America trailer was updated and makes me want to see the movie even more. I love super hero fliks.  I don't know much about Captain America, actually, so I doubt I'll be disappointed by the film. I'm sure some of my friends will want to murder themselves after it though. Also, Mission Impossible: 4. That's right.

Tom Cruise is still acting.

I was shocked, but I'll see it. Action films are awesome. There will be fast cars, hot guys and explosions. It's how I fell in love with James Bond. I feel like there is something else I should've been saying but I don't remember.

Oh, I'm thinking about creating a sort of bucket list to accomplish before I leave of cool things to do in Virginia. Like hitting up D.C. again and actually getting to see the museums and zoo that I want to see. You know, climb the Washington Monument. Maybe go to Richmond and visit a friend. Go see the whales when they're around this year. I don't know a whole lot else that I can do here, as none of us go too far out of town. I do know I'll be visiting my brother to traipse around University of Virginia Campus and knock off some of the secret list items he has.

I need to know if there is anything to do that I'll want to have stories about later in life. Locals let me know, k?

Anyways, night.

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