Saturday, February 12, 2011

I Whip My Hair (Into a new Color Scheme)

I'd like to say, first, that I'm moving these blogs from Tumblr to here, because someone told me that you had to register for tumblr to read blogs, which is crap to me. 
Original time stamp: Jan 29th, 2011 12:07pm
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That’s right lovelies, I’m changing my hair. Again. For the hundredth and second time. Why you ask? Because I can get away with and I want to. 
I’m switching it up completely this time. Last time I just got my hair up, went from a red head to having dark hair with purple shadow. I’m kind of going back to being a red head with a twist. This is going down tomorrow morning with my amazing hair stylist Cindy from Trade Secret in the mall. She’s excellent at giving me exactly what I want from my hair. 
Other updates?
I’m writing a parody song that I’ll hopefully be ready to record and post on youtube soon. It’s only the chorus and the first verse of the song, but I ran out of juices and it still came out funny. Mostly due to inside jokes no one else may understand. But I’m hoping it’ll catch on. 
It’s called ‘They see me Trollin’”, which is super clever, I have to admit. No one has ever had this idea before! (Except for the exclusion of everyone ever who has actually come up with this). But my lyrics are one hundred percent free from any sort of copying, I believe. Hurrah for originality when taking over previously produced work!
It’s going to be hilarious, especially with my profound lack of musical talent. But hey, if we can’t have fun at our own expense what can we do, right? I enjoy being the butt of my own jokes.
I do have to work today, which is surely going to be a thrill ride. Not. My bosses still can’t count apparently, which is aggravating, but whatever, I’ll fix it myself.
Let me explain that.
As a full time employee in the Forever 21 Retail family, a person is guaranteed at least 30 hours a week. It’s a low number, but at least it’s something I can count on. However, in the passed… month or so, I have yet to be scheduled for those minimum hours. This coming week will be twenty-five. Yeah. And given I’m a closer, that means that it’s actually closer to twenty three because of how early we always leave. 
So I’m showing up unannounced on Thursday to work a shift, since these bumbling fools can’t seem to remember that for the last several months I have indeed been a full time employee. 
I have also been sewing lately, which is dangerous and mostly a late night affair. I’m an insomniac by birth and nature, so most of my wacky schemes are done way late at night. Mostly between ten and four in the morning. 
Turns out, sewing is probably a day-time activity. I have issues with straight seems. But I am determined to make my vest and my dolls! I will become a great seamstress! Even if I have to sew my own fingers in the process (oh please, please don’t let that happen, it’s been so long since I’ve had an ER visit).
This blog was horribly disinteresting. How does anyone stand reading this? (Cassy/Sarah). 
Ciao, darlings. 

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