Saturday, April 16, 2011

Full of Win

That's me, full of win.

Watching: Scream

Listening to: Myself speak (Previewing videos for youtube haha).

So, just realized the ever awesome le5hitbag (a follower of my mine on youtube) is now a follower of mine on this most amazing of blogs. I'm stoked about that. He's so devoted!

Anyways, I just posted two videos up on the ever growing expanse of online subculture that is YouTube and I have to say, the second one could be better. I tend to ramble when unleashed without a point haha. The first is of me reading A Porcupine Named Fluffy. That's mostly for some friends in Vegas and a little boy named Dillon who is sweet enough to give you diabetes. The second is of me rambling about updates in my life, disguising it as interesting information.

Not much is happening right now. Discovered a phone plan I can afford, which is awesome. Arranged to live with Sarah, which is even better. Got registered for all my classes, which is a ton better and makes me smile. I only have one semester left, you know. It's going to be epic when I finally get that piece of paper saying I'm halfway done with college, haha. A bachelor's in psychology is like walking into the work force with the equivalent of a common cold haha. At least I can laugh about it.

One of my friends is bothered and I'm trying to cheer him up. I should've just driven out there with food. Food improves everything.

What else? Not much, actually. Classes are almost done, which is intense because it caught me off guard. I'm trying to find a new job that pays better and will remain flexible with my schedule. Good luck to me, I say. The commissary is looking pretty nifty right now though, they start out way higher than what I make now. Which is awesome sauce.

I've developed a slight crush on Katy Perry's new song with Kanye West: ET. His lines just make it so much better "Big headed astronaut" and "I'ma disrobe you, then I'ma probe you, I abducted you, So I'll tell you what to do". It's just... so awesome.

So, Sarah and I skpyed for a little bit but Cassy is injured and needed tending, so we had to stop. But I'm super proud of how awesome a writer she is for this publication she's interning with. It's an online thing, and it seems to be pretty damn great. What what! Yeah. I said it.

I'm really just running on fumes, but that's the best part, right? Anyways, I am leaving without imparting any sort of actual information or knowledge on anyone. That's alright I suppose. Go read a book, you lazy internet dwellers. Sheesh.

In fact, go watch me read a book for you. That's a good start. <3

Peace, turtledoves.

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