Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Ninja is Here

I bought a car. Yeah, that's right. I bought a freaking car yesterday before work. That happened.

I'm so excited about it that it's pretty much been all I've talked about since it happened. Ridiculous excitement on my part. My plain-jane little Lancer. I've dubbed him Ninja, for though he may not look like much, he is stealthy and efficient. Also, Mitsubishi is Japanese. It totally works out. Look at how the sun so playfully shines off that headlight. It's like he's smiling.

So, it's a four banger that actually drives like a six cylinder, which is awesome but since it lacks cruise control it means I have to learn to not be a moron. I'm paying my own insurance now, so, you know, would like to not have my license taken or receive any tickets. That would be awesome if that didn't have to happen.

But yes, so, yesterday went a little like this. I woke up freaking out about four hours after I went to sleep because I had a dream that I had registered for a second session art class that I had forgotten about and was failing. After realizing that no such thing had happened, I calmed down, and started freaking about other nonsensical things. Finally went back to sleep, woke up two hours later to get ready to go pick up my friend to talk to his dad about the realities of my options in buying a car.

See, I'm not well-payed, and many places frown upon that. My budget for a car was actually pretty... let's say... hopeful? That works. Meaning, trying to find a car, especially in the Beach for under ten grand is sort of like looking for the end of the rainbow. So we talk to his dad (who is a fantastic person of great character and helped me out exponentially and I should buy him dinner or something nice for his help), who basically tells me what I just told you. Then he calls a buddy of his at another car lot.

Thus the rainbow ended right in my outstretched hands.

Oh man. This car. Its exactly what I wanted and needed. Its not sporty, it's not super descript in anyway, and it gets great mileage. It was like someone dropped the pot of gold right in my lap. I test drove it and it was so comfortable to drive, once I adjusted to the throttle, that I knew it was mine. I'm having so much love for this car. So big, big kudos to my pal, because if it weren't for him I'd never have found this car. Seriously. If anyone in the area is looking for solid help finding a quality ride, let me know, I have a guy for that now haha.

I'm really freaking stoked about this. GAHHHHHH.

Also, Happy Easter. Mine has been pretty amazing so far. I mean, I woke up at seven something which is sort of lame, but I got a nap so it balanced out. I got my basket of treats. Lots of chocolate and a three pound bag of gummy bears. I also got a Nerf Deploy CS-6 that I've been using to shoot the aforementioned gummy bears. They died noble deaths, and I consumed so as to gain their courage. I also dyed my eggs, which was awesome fun time. Don't judge.

We've had lunch, which mum cooked. Ham, mac'n'cheese, hashbrown casserole, deviled eggs (irony) and green bean casserole. There's a cake chilling in the fridge (pun) that I can't wait to get at. Mom only makes it like once or twice a year. It's yellow cake with a layer of pineapple and whipped cream mixed with cream cheese frosting between layers, then it's coated with that same mixture and topped with coconut and bits of pineapple. Oh yes. Yes.

Dad and I are going to go watch Scream 4, because that's the only proper way to celebrate Easter. Also, we didn't get to watch it last weekend due to seeing Your Highness with mom instead. Hurrah!

I'm in a partial food coma, so I'm going to nap again. And eat more gummies. And post this video of my car on YouTube for James.

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