Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lemon Cake

So, I've got an array of bruises on me that I can't remember receiving. That's always awesome. One on my arm is days old by now, nearly healed. I have a few on my legs that are actually bright blue. I'm clumsier than I realized. I blame work. I'm just trying to remember how I got them, along with this small cut on the top of my hand. I think the cut is from a tag, but I'm sure that I walked into several things to receive the bruises.

So, I had Strawberry Wine for the first time ever the other night and nearly finished the whole bottle. Arbour Mist Strawberry White Zinfadel actually, and it was the best wine I've had to date. I won't say that in a quality way, because I'm positive it's not high class stuff, but it was nice and sweet. And it didn't taste like pure rubbing alcohol. I had two glasses the first night and one last night, but it was only a small bottle.

I want to see Fast Five and Scream 4. They seem like pretty decent sequels, and I'll attempt to watch anything with fast cars in it at least once. Plus hey, Vin Diesel and The Rock? I'm there.

Alright, so, up to date. I went out with Dawn yesterday after a doctor's appointment. She hasn't been feeling her best the past couple of days, but felt good enough to join me for sushi at Fire Ninja down by Pembroke. I've never been there before, it was quite lovely. The setup feels very pricey but I only paid 13 bucks for my entire meal (a salad, two sushi rolls and a drink). She had crab and salmon rolls, which looked good but I don't eat fish. I had a California roll and eel roll. Fantastic.

On my way to this place, having never been there but knowing exactly where it is, I somehow got it confused with another sushi place I used to go to called Ninja. So, needless to say, I just went there and wondered where Dawn was haha. Bit of a blonde moment for me. So, I finally get there, looking awesome in my new little black dress from H&M and my tuxedo heels from Unique Vintage, had my hair up and looking nice. What do I do? I stab myself in the chest with a flying chopstick.

Dawn thought it was hilarious.

I woke up Sunday with my metabolism bitch slapping me. That was awesome. My parents and I had gone together to Red Lobster the night before and I'd had crab legs, mashed taters and garlic scampi, two biscuits and half the stuffed mushrooms. Woke up the next morning like I hadn't eaten in two weeks. I've been hungry ever since it feels like. As I'm typing this up I'm chowing down on some lemon cake my mom made (and threatened to make me wear) after a dinner of teriyaki grilled chicken and mac n cheese. Oh man, I love food so much.

Let's see, let's see. So, due to my life needing to be changed dramatically, I've recently come to some conclusions that involve not staying where I am in multiple senses of the word. I'll be posting more details about that later, mainly because I'd like to discuss it with the people it effects most before running my virtual mouth about it on here or YouTube. But change is on the horizon and I'm alive with it. I'm excited about it.

However, I can say that my mom cried over this change that's going to be occuring, Sarah is stoked about it, my friend Jon is sort of excited about it, and my brother just yelled at me for not telling him. Which lead to a war between me and my mom on Facebook in which she threatened to firstly, take my lemon cake away, and then to force me to wear it. I said cool, I'll put it on right now and star in my own food porn.

The subject was quickly dropped.

What else I can say is that tomorrow afternoon I'm going to look at a car that is highly affordable, in good condition (From what I've heard, I'll be seeing it for the first time after my classes tomorrow), has low mileage and is a model that I've wanted for a little while now. It's a 2006 Chevy Cobalt with about 62 thousand miles on it so far, which is fine for me. It'll be a nice reliable car, which I'll need since in about a month  my lil bro is going to coming home from school and taking his car back.

Oh, so, I'm reading Bite Me by Christopher Moore. I've never read anything by him before and so far its delightfully ridiculous. I good pick, I think. There's a vampire cat, two Asians and a goth girl. Worth the money so far and I'm only three chapters in. Ooooh, I should read that tonight in the tub.

I think that's everything I need to talk about right now. Wish me luck on the car!


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