Monday, April 11, 2011

A Warm Summer's Night

Watching: the stars overhead.

Listening to: the radio, 97.5 (and then 93.7)

Actually, I'm writing this, or typing it, on my phone in my dads truck headed back from Charlottesville visiting my brother for his birthday. It was a great day. He had a good time, which is awesome cause his life has sucked the last three weeks. We went to Chili's for dinner after his drill practice with two of his friends. They're good boys.

He got everything he asked for too, so yay. Its always nice to surprise him with generosity. He appreciates it more now than I think he used to. We went to the movies as well, watched Arthur with Russel Brandt.

It was a good movie! I was pleasantly surprised. I like movies with playful, happy, people coupled with brutally honest caregivers. It was really great. A lot of lessons about being happy in life, taking charge, being responsible and how they mesh comfortably together. Really cute.

And since I'm in a dark truck speeding down interstate 64, watching the stars out my window listening to Hells Bells by AC/DC I can rub my eyes and ruin my poorly done makeup. Its hard to get the right collaborations of colors to match my ninja shirt without looking garish.

Its pretty warm still, even at 10 tonight. It makes me want to walk the beach and dance with someone. Not all romantic like, but happy-for-life-laughing like, just dance under the stars and run and joke around. I can't wait until full blown warm weather hits.

Still looking for a new job, hopefully I can get hired at one of the commissaries. They start out at something like 9.70 an hour with is more than I make now. I'm trying very hard to be conservative with money but its hard to say no to myself when 80 percent of my spending is on food. I like being with people over food. Some of my best memories are that way. People are just happier and more relaxed with food around.

Oh, and I definitely want to see Scream 4 this coming week. And when it comes out the new Steve Carell flik (Stupid Crazy Love) and Something Borrowed which also looks good. Which is weird because I'm not normally a romantic movie person, but they seem interesting. Source Code and Battle: LA are still on my list as well. So much to watch and no time.

Off I go into the night listening to Hold Me Now by The Thompson Twins.

Whip it good folks.

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