Thursday, June 23, 2011

For Kicks and Grins

A lot is happening in a landslide lately, but its pretty good stuff. Life balances out that way. Cosmic balance, haha. Apparently my grandfather, his wife and their two kids are coming into town today to hit up Busch Gardens. So anyone looking to go, I might be headed back up there soon. I work the morning shift Thursday and Friday so I might have the time to head up there for a few hours. I haven't ever been to an amusement park with small kids before.

I've decided to start running again. It's been at the minimum three weeks since I've ran and my body is in the process of punishing me for it now. On my morning shift days and days off I'll run, so that gives me three days off a week. I may try to do something else on those days, but I'm pretty lazy so maybe not.

Also, this trip to Maine is happening. I talked to the store manager about using my paid leave time and she made it seem like it was a go-ahead scenario. I'm just going to wait another day or so for confirmation from her before I buy the ticket. Then I'll have a five day mini-vacation in a place that I've never been with people I already know are totally wicked.

Emily is pretty awesome. She's actually personally accountable for my addiction to Buffy and the creation of a handful of my characters. Including my top three favorites: Christina, Jason and Tom. I can't wait to see her again. It's been a long time, over a decade. But we're still close and that's what makes us awesome.  I do believe I'm going to learn to play DnD while I'm up there which is super exciting, as well. And it'll just be fun hanging out with relaxed people. I'm really looking forward to this.

Just found out my Pawpaw is actually not coming in, which may be for the better as we were totally unprepared and my room was no clean. I should do that, but I don't receive company, so, no one else really gets to see the mess but me. I'm okay with it to an extent and it's not God awful yet so I have a few days. Maybe today or tomorrow since I get off work at 4 I'll put some effort into laundry and picking up. Or maybe not.


So, I've been dressing up to dress up for work and to go out and about lately. Everyone I work with thinks I have a secret boyfriend. My parents are a tad suspicious as well as I wore make up to work today. I came home relatively early for me, as in before midnight, though and that means they have no clue what the hell is going down. I'm sort of enjoying confusing people. But seriously, in our world of today why is it that if a girl suddenly decides to look presentable she has to be hanging around a man? Seriously? To be honest, I tend to dress my best when I'm totally alone. Hanging with men tends to make me be cute, yeah, but I play it down because I don't like people assuming I should be gussied up all the damn time.

So now I'm doing it for kicks and grins and throwing the whole order of society into chaos. I wore my grey cargos with a light green cami and tied up light pink over shirt Tuesday, wore a slightly-long-than-knee-length leather skirt and cream ruffle top yesterday and today I sort of look like Alice (the one from Wonderland) in my silky blue dress, black tights and flats. This would be great week to get Richelle to style me if I had the money, but as I'm super broke, I just need to keep this mood strong for a few weeks.

Perusing the Boise State website the other night, looking at the Graduate College programs I went to re-investigate the Certificate in Counseling Addictive Behaviors criteria. On my way to study that I saw a link for the Masters in Criminal Justice program. Can you say 'Hell yes'? Because I sure did. I mean, I seem to be leaning heavily toward law enforcement and have been for a while. I think it would be cool being a cop working my way through my Doctorates of Psychology degree plan in a few years. I can counsel with my doctorates and if I so choose, I can just go ahead and get my Masters in Psych as well, later, from another school.

I love school and plan on being involved for a while, ya see? But right now it seems like a more feasible plan to get my Masters in Criminal Justice, then go for my Doctorates in Psychology if I want to practice. Or if I just really want to be called Doctor when people address me. Meanwhile I can work in law enforcement and make simple money doing something that I actually feel I could be happy doing.

 Sarah's no internet is driving me nutso, by the way. Normally at night I have a buddy to talk to or Skype with, but she's gotta get a job now and she's working really hard on making that happen. So that means  ido things like write multiple blogs in a row, or Stumble until I pass out.

Boredom after midnight is also because Bro keeps his PS3 (and LBP) locked in his room with him at night. Which means I can only play when he's at work or awake. I have my 360 though, so that's some comfort. I still suck ass at Halo, which is why I don't see the point in paying the subscription fee for Live. I'm not going to pay good money to be yelled at by hyped up twelve year olds. Bastards. Right now it's being used by his two friends before he runs off to pick up his Corvette.

So many things I do't know about that transaction, but meh, it doesn't really involve me as none of my money is going toward it. I'm happy for him though. Maybe a little jealous, but fuck, I'll never tell him that.

Food time. I should probably change clothes and go running. Or I could eat the rest of this leftover Papa John's.


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