Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Oh Man, Oh Man

I got my hair cut! I love it. I've been debating for several months about just getting it all chopped off, but I thought I'd look awful with short hair. This cut is super cute though, there's just something about it that I love. It's got spunk. I'd post a picture, but for the most part everyone who reads this is on my facebook and that means you've all already seen it.

That makes all of this really redundant. But I don't care.

So, it was Father's Day yesterday and our gift to my dad was to leave him alone in the house with Duke Nukem Forever. We took him out for breakfast around noon, because my family rolls that way, then parted ways for the day. Mom and I went and dominated Busch Gardens.

Oh man, Busch Gardens is so awesome! I mean, sure I tend to come across with the mentality for fun like a six year old, but hey. I enjoy life as much as I can when I can. Mom was laughing over my giddy excitement. Jumping up and down in my seat, grinning like a child, being overall awesome. We rode all the rides and roller coasters. We went into every shop. The Aviary was pretty amazing. This one was my favorite, super interested in my mom and myself.

She looks like she's wearing a mask. Her name is Rachel. A very pretty bird. I love the little tuft of red on top of its oh so blue head.

The first big roller coaster we rode was Alpengeist, which was pretty wicked. There was a younger girl behind us on it with her dad and she was so excited it made me giddy. She was telling him, rather loudly, that it was her ninth time on the ride. We took off and just as we climbed to the top before the first drop she yelled  "I'm so excited I'm going to pee!" I about died. I'm really glad she was sitting both behind me and with someone else, haha. I want my children to be that excited over something they've done nine times.

It was really fantastic though. There was surprisingly little people in the park, so the lines were at the max ten minutes long. That was for the log ride too, and it was a bit warm and muggy outside. We ended up leaving when the park closed and not a minute sooner, after purchasing a pound and a half of fudge, a truffle, a giant peanut butter cup, jelly beans, and ice cream. It was a great day. I would have bought a small wolf plushie toy, but I'm trying to be at least somewhat conservative with my money.

I'm trying to take a trip, either to South Carolina or Maine (most likely Maine) mid-July. A super close friend of mine that I haven't seen in years is up North and I want to visit her before the move happens and I go completely broke. I need to be sure I keep enough spare mullah for that to happen.

Well. I saw The Green Lantern tonight and I have to say, it was pretty much awesome. Ryan Reynolds being playfully charming and shirtless? Awesome. Super hero story about overcoming fear to dominate the power of will and accomplish untold feats? A life lesson I'd love to adopt. Somewhat loose ends left for a sequel? It's supposed to be a blockbuster hit, these things are expected. The movie was a little fast paced to me, as in all of the sudden things were wrapped up, but it was good. I enjoyed the 'ability to overcome fear' ideal behind it and not giving up things you care about because you're scared. Honestly, I'd never thought too much about The Green Lantern before but I have to say, I like what he stands for.

It's now time for bed and arguing with Sarah over which of us will be able to have Neil Patrick Harris's children. Yeah, we know he's gay. He's also hilariously charming. It's a quality we both admire.


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