Monday, March 7, 2011

Good Times

Watching: Everybody Loves Raymond

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So, yesterday being Sunday, I worked from an hour before the mall opened to two hours after it closed. Normal Sunday activity. Except, no one told me that the lights were on a timer so that they were always on at 10 in the morning, so I stood outside in the misty wetness that is Virginia in the spring time, cussing because I thought my manager was ignoring my calls to unlock the door. I was so pissed.

Then this family walks up, I'm guessing a dad, mom and their full grown son with his wife. I tell them politely that the mall doesn't open until twelve, as is usual. The dad goes "When did that start?"

"Sir, every mall in Virginia opens at noon on Sundays since forever, I think."

Then his wife gets uber close to my face. "You have really unusual eyes. Are you wearing colored contacts?"

"No ma'am. They're just like that."

"They're almost white with an outline of the same blue color as your hair. That's really unusual."


Then the entire family comes closer to my face to look. I shrank away and told them to go through the main mall entrance and to get some Starbucks. I hate invading my personal space. It's so aggravating. I don't handle it well with most friends, much less total strangers who can't read a basic hours of operations listing.

To make it even better, I work in a store notoriously without A.C. all year. Even right now, when it's forty degrees outside, it's going to be seventy or higher in that freaking place. Adding to that is that lately I've been having random spikes in my body temperature, so I go from feeling comfortable at seventy something to dying because it feels like its ninety something. Not so much fun. But hey, that's really fixable. I'm sleeping more, so it should be alright now.

As a note on retail, as customers, can people do me a few favors? If you're in a hurry, please do not shop in my store. Ever. Because when you throw your clothes, credit cards, cash or anything else at me or onto my counter, it pisses me off. Guess what I, and all my fellow cashiers, do? We move slower because now you're on our shit list. Be polite, we're trying to do our best. It's not our fault we're understaffed and getting mobbed.

I mean, I have pretty good customer service most of the time. I smile, I'm polite, and I offer help where I can. But I'm human, and I'm part Irish, and I will call a manager to handle you for being a dick just to eat up your time. I'm serious. I'm a vindictive person with passive aggressive tendencies, coupled with my being a Gemini, that is not a personality type you want to get into a pissing contest with.

Beyond that, the last week or so hasn't been that bad. My little brother, whose six feet tall with red hair and freckles and enough strength to shame much larger men, is in town from UVA. He's a first year, which makes me feel old. But he's happy to see me, so cool.

We went to see I am Number Four last night. It's funny. As we're watching the end of the previews the Real Steel preview came on. It's a movie with Hugh Jackman (one of my favorites) and looks like it's based on Rock'em Sock'em Robots. My bro was making a joke and said "Written and produced by Michael Bay."

Guess who produced I am Number Four? Yup. It was hilarious to find out.

The movie was a little romancy for my action tastes, but I'm in love with Timothy Olyphant, so I can overlook that. I'm not a huge alien movie fan most of the time, especially regarding teenagers in the middle of that special 'I should be in love' phase. But it was pretty action packed. And it had a dog, which is always awesome, because it was a cool *SPOILER ALERT* gecko-dog-chimera beast that saved everyone's ass.

Plus, there is an awesome aussie blond chick that totally kicks ass and saves the guys butt two or three times. The nerdy kid rises in status to being needed. There are some explosions, sexual tension, fight scenes where football players get their asses kicked, and strange alien dudes with gills on their faces. I liked it, but like I said, it was a bit romancy. *SPOILER ALERT* The whole 'We only fall in love once and its forever' thing with the Nine is a bit Twilight for me, but oh well.

So, we'll see where this week goes. It's Spring Break here and I don't work until Thursday. Considering dropping down to part time so I might be able to have a weekend day off so that I can go to Freestyle Weekend with my dad and take my brother back up to Charlottesville.

Oh, and this place down from my house is awesome. It's a book store with homemade shelves so the whole place smells like fresh pine. All the books are 50% off publishers price. They also sell used movies, DVDs, books on tape, and vinyls. Oh god, the vinyls. I don't even have a player, but I want to go in and buy some to put up on my wall in frames. I feel like that would be awesome for decoration.

Anyways, I'm off to finish writing the chapter of the last story I have to update for my competition.

Guten Tag

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