Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Too Sleepy to Title This

Watching: The most hilarious parody in a few minutes.

Listening to: Girl Talk (awesome mashup collective).

To be fair, most things done by Barely Political that I've seen have been pretty amazing. Check them out if your bored or want to see Batman sing about plot lines in The Dark Knight. Also, Lady Gaga fun.

I haven't really written since my rant, so, I guess it's been nearly a week. That's pretty much okay because not much happened of interest around me since then and that wasn't even particularly interesting. I mean, I went to work and am back at school after Spring Break.

Well, Wednesday night, shortly after posting  my raving bitch session, I did hang out with a friend of mine that I haven't really seen in about a year or so. He's a pretty cool guy, actually, though he did also call me a pussy about my life skills more or less. He also reminded me that I am not reliably assertive, which is pretty much the same conversation I had been having with family for a few days prior so...

Guess whose learning to not be a doormat for life? This guy.

It really was nice seeing him again though. We haven't talked in a while, but back when we used to hang out pretty frequently, he was the same no-bullshit guy. I like when people stay consistent haha, and I have a peculiar attraction to people who can brutally honest with me like that. Plus he's one of those people I actually feel comfortable around, most of the time. There are circumstances when that's not true, but I'm not getting into that here. We hung out in his car in front of my house until nearly four in the morning when my mom came strolling by with the dogs and reminded me that I should sleep at some point before work.

Even though most of the time he was berating me about my personality, it made me feel better. Not even sure how much I resolved or anything, it was just nice being near someone and able to relax and chit chat.

Thursday night I went out with some girls after work to get ice cream, which is necessary after work for us because we like excuses to eat sugary frozen goodness. They are both pretty fun chickas who are old enough to drink while I'm still not, so there was also alcohol being ordered haha. (I gotta see if I can use these people's names because I don't want them flying at me from over the counter at work to strangle me for just assuming.) After our Applebee's fun, which lasted until a bit over an hour after closing mind you, I actually went over to the same friend's house.

I was introduced to the awesome game of Marvel Vs Capcom 3, which is really well done to me. Not that I'm an expert or even have a voice for video games, I just enjoyed playing it. And losing it, to be honest, because I think I won something like five out of twenty games or some ridiculously small ratio like that. I have a fondness for Iron Man, Wesker and Chris though. I mean, with Wesker, you can almost see frost form on the TV screen as the other characters shrink back in fear for their mortal souls. He's an intense guy and I wanted him on my side.

I just love Tony Stark because of his nonchalant arrogance. Chris was just cool to play with. I've never played the Resident Evil games, but my friend Jon used to and I would watch. Also Silent Hill. But in this case, I've at least seen this particular character before.

The graphics were pretty awesome, especially the backgrounds and the special moves for the characters. Intense. So intense that he mopped the floor with me even with a severe handicap in my favor. I actually lost some minor money playing this game.

Worth it.

It was another really fun way to spend my time until four in the morning. I could've played a bit longer, or just chilled out, but I had to work the next day. Also, I may be one of the few human beings who can habitually stay up that late and still function.

After all of that not much until Sunday, when I drove my bro up to Charlottesville where he goes to school. And I just spent the last 8 hours working on Quantitative Methods homework because I kept distracting myself instead of focusing. I also have another three full pages to add to a paper due tomorrow evening, but I'm waking up early for that one. And the power point to go with it.

Uploaded way late photographs of Oregon to my DeviantArt account. Got some compliments on them, so go check them out. Yeah, I'm a shameless self promoter. It's the internet. I can do that.

So yeah. Not too much has been going. I'm sort of writing this in a semi-delirious state though. The words are actually starting to move on the page... I should go to bed now.

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