Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Up to the Usual

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So, let's see, let's see. Not much has been going on actually. I'm trying to come up with a story or poem good enough to enter in the Writers Digest annual competition. If I'm going to be paying 20 bucks an entry, it's going to be something mind blowing. It would be amazing to win though. The grand prize is a trick to New York to meet either four editors or four agents. Gah. That'd be so great!

I was considering using a part of my book, but there are some constraints on the size of the manuscript, so I'll have to rewrite a few scenes. Or just use the characters and create an original scene that's separate from the book.

Anyways. I did write a character sketch for the script my friend is writing. Out of the show's characters my personal two favorite are K (short for Kiyam) and Blaze (Actualy, Owen). K is a were-coyote who  lives in the family's attic in secret, and has used their house as a hideout for several ears after his first transformation forced him to leave his family. He's a real wiz with magic (haha) and tends to be the mentor and closest friend of the youngest kid, Ivy. Blaze is a bastard, but we love him anyways, mainly because he's funny. He's literally a prince of hell, but his throne was usurped when his uncle killed his father and married his mother. He's a fire demon with shape shifting abilities and slight psychic nuances.

Interesting guys.

So, I should  be leaving now for school, but am not even dressed yet. I've been very lethargic about these things lately. I don't like going to work at all anymore, and feel whiny for that. I've developed an awful attitude that I need to change quickly. I don't want to be that person. I hate negative people.

School is just sort of blah right now. But I love it still. Just wish I was more into it again. That always happens about this point in the semester. I get restless, start to think of everything else I could be doing. I guess I feel burned out, but if you ask my mother, I don't do anything so how could that be so?

That argument still pisses me off. Won't get into it. Won't get into it.

Did hang out with that friend of mine, and actually managed to beat him best three out of five playing Marvel V Capcom 3. Did I play underhanded? You bet. But he didn't raise his handicap, so, it wasn't that big a deal haha. Other than that I've pretty much been holed up studying, not wanting to study, and looking for anything else to do. None of my friends live real close to me though, except one, but she tends to work the opposite schedule of me.

I did have an interesting dream last about getting chastised for leaving Facebook with saying goodbye. The person in the dream gave me a list of ways to avoid that situation again saying he'd gone to do something, came back to talk to me, and I was suddenly offline. There were handcuffs involved in the threat of punishment, and I woke up a bit confused but laughing.

I really do have to go now, though. Gonna be so late. It's a jeans, t-shirt and hair in a ponytail sort of day today. I don't think that's business casual, but I think my boss will have to deal with it because I don't own many business clothes. Besides, if I have to listen to one particular girl boss me around who is actually newer at her job than I am, then I have to retaliate in some way.

God help them if they make a sound against my Vans.

So Ciao to the five people who read this haha.

Character Sketch you don't have to read:

The sun was setting. He could feel it in his skin, his bones, his gut. Letting out a staggering breath, he let that knowledge wash over him.

There were days when the change happened without him noticing, as if he were asleep and not waiting to see the faintest rays of light seep away through the slants of boards covering his only window. K lay still for a moment, merely breathing and feeling the night. He could hear the girls downstairs, arguing over something he found trivial. Their father was out today, and their brother was singing in his own room. So much life filled the house now, after years of waking up to silence.

The arguing stopped, a door slammed, and he blinked. Not all noise was good, however.

He rolled to his side and glanced around, hoping he hadn’t shredded his pants at some point during the day. His memory was better than it had been after the change, but it wasn’t good enough yet. He still lost track of time, entire moments that were black. That’s the problem with becoming a wild animal every day at sunrise, the body tends to try to run on instinct.

With a groan he got to his feet, spotting his jeans a few feet away from the door. It was locked, the deadbolt shiny and new in the warped wood. It had been Ivy’s idea, to give him more peace of mind.

There was tentative knock as he pulled the denim over his hips and he unlatched the bolt before finishing buttoning them up.

“How was it?” Ivy stepped in, looking angry but trying not to.

“Lost track of some time, but mostly, I think I was in control.” He looked around for a shirt, they’d donated a few to him since they’d come to live in the house, but found none.

“Here.” She handed him a neatly folded pile, still warm from the dryer. “I washed them for you. I figure a few weeks up here in this grime would probably be enough to make them reek for life.”

“Thanks.” It was a partial sneer, partial smile as he took the stack from the small red head. She wasn’t wearing black. “You look different.”

“Oh, yeah.” She shrugged. “Trying something new.”

He just nodded and pulled a red shirt over his head and down his chest. “So, what was all the arguing about?”

“Nothing important.”

“It never is.”

She smiled and nodded, but he could see the force it was taking her. Looking around he felt uncomfortable. He wasn’t used to dealing with other people’s emotional issues and the girl had a lot of them. And her sister, man, her sister was chock full of enough anger to make a god of war blush.

“Want to learn how to set a circle?” he asked gently. If she didn’t want to talk, maybe he could distract her and get the feeling of anger out of the room before Andy came upstairs.

She looked up at him and smiled a real grin. “Yeah!”

“Go grab the box,” he shook his head slightly as she ran to the trunk where he kept his supplies and books. She had a thirst for knowledge and he was her only way to fill it for now. One day she’d branch out, but he actually didn’t mind teaching her the discipline. There were a lot of dark people in the world who would misuse her eager mind.

K kicked some chains into a corner to clear a space on the floor. He hadn’t worn them during the day, but he kept them up here in case. She ran up to his side, nearly tripping on a strand of the iron links, and he steadied her as a reflex. Flash movements still made her eyes grow large, but it was sort of endearing. She was a sweet kid, underneath the need to prove herself.

“To make it easier to see, we’ll actually use chalk to draw the circle.” He began the lesson and she nodded. It was sort of nice having someone need him around for something.

As the night wore on, he began to loosen up and smile with his smaller companion, making fun of her mistakes and correcting her when he had to. He had to admit, if nothing else, having the family in his house kept him from being bored.

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