Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I was Almost Burglarized

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So, today has been exciting. Got my Virginia License today with my brother. That was anti-climatic after several months of battling the DMV over lost paperwork.

My mom took us out in the Tiburon. Totally awesome. I'm almost 21 and don't know how to drive stick. Or at least, didn't. It was hilarious, her teaching us. I have this issue with stop signs, or more, continuing in first gear after stopping. I was pretty smooth at shifting in motion, though. But really, stalling out six times at one stop sign (in a row) is ridiculous. My brother showed me up like a beast.

Next time I'm hoping to film it, hopefully. Hurrah for self created blackmail posted on YouTube.

We went to dinner too. Overall, it was a pretty good evening with mom and the brother, which is not always something that happens. They don't get along all the time, so it was very nice.

Coming home to my fucking car getting broken into by two moronic lying assholes, however, was not. The first words out of my mouth as my mom rolled to a stop across the street from where I park were "Let me out, now." She told me no. I was in the backseat behind Boy the Giant Ginger, or I would've bolted. My temper was hot.

These two dumb shits were attempting to break into my freaking Skylark, with its missing side panels and podunk appearance because they happened to see the iPod cable I have attached to my stereo. My mom yells "HEY! What are you doing?" They start to walk towards us. She waits. Asks again. "What the hell do you think your doing?"

"Oh, I was trying to get my iPod out of my car, but it's locked."

Hell yes it was locked, mother fucker, because it's not your damn car. The words out of my mouth were "No fuck." My mom said "Because it's not your car." This guy looks my mom dead in the eye and says "Yes it is."

"No it's not, it's my car and I'm calling the cops."

They didn't stick around very long, but I did call the cops. All I'm saying is, with my slight stature and the fact I weigh less than 110 pounds, it's pretty easy for me to get scuffed up and seem victimized. I've been bullied my whole life by one or the other person, or at least picked on. I'm not about to be afraid of some thug ass white kid with mommy issues. Plus, my brother is super defensive of me. Mostly because of the fact I'm tiny. But I'll kick someone's ass, with the use of mace.

So, after that phone call to the cops, pulling all valuables from the cars, and walking the dogs, I came inside and did this:

Meet Writer Badger, the Honey Badger allegory for my life haha. I did a punch of these little posters in the style of Hipster Kitty and Fuck Yeah Art Student Owl. Posting them on Deviant art as well.  Putting one more up here, just for fun. 

So yeah, that's been my life today. I have to say, a bit more exciting than usual. Also, posted a video of me reading poetry from A. A. Milne last night on YouTube.  I'm in love with old books, especially psychology, textbooks, and children's books from the 1950s and earlier. They smell amazing and comforting. 

Bye bye darlings. 

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