Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sucker Punch

Watching: FMA

Listening to: Mumford and Sons: The Cave

That song (^) is quickly becoming one of my favorites. So, went and watched Sucker Punch tonight after work and dinner with my folks. Turns out my dad really was locking me out of the house because he was bothered that he'd awoken one morning to the door not being locked completely after I'd come home. Well, that was cleared up. PS: Plot spoiler below, so if you want to see the movie, skip the part under Spoiler to where it says End Spoiler.

But the movie, yeah. My mom hated it, said it was terrible because parts of it made her cry. Like Old Yeller cry, not like truly depressing cry. I took that as meaning she didn't quite get the gist of the film. My dad got it, didn't much care for it, but still got it. I really liked it, but then again it was geared toward my age and gender very clearly. Though I noticed some pretty male friendly things and situations.


For instance, during the second mission of sorts, when the girls are battling the Nazi's who have been brought back to life? Totally seemed like a page right out of Call of Duty. I mean, one girl even chucked a tomahawk at one of the Nazi Zombies. Wasn't the exact set up, but was very familiar. The whole sex thing was pretty much an in your face guys thing too. Bunch of hot girls kicking ass in lingerie and tiny outfits with big guns? Yeah, that's a man's fantasy world, one I sort of condone actually.

However, the 'you have all the weapons you need to survive' thing, meaning the girl's used their brains and bodies in a lethal combination of fuck you to the big bad guy, symbolized by the entrancing dances of Babydoll, were definitely a call to the empowerment of females. The entire story is built up around this one particular girl who is trying to escape from her reality by creating one she can control. In this pseudo-reality, which is where the whole movie takes place, she creates another reality where she goes when she dances. The inner reality is where she gets her strength and the other girls find themselves stronger and the victors.

So, in the end, you do feel sucker punched. Either by relating to the sensation of being trapped in a reality you want to reject, or by the feeling that you missed something pivotal in those first ten minutes when you went to get popcorn.


The previews for upcoming movies looked pretty good though. Definitely added Captain America to my must see summer list, as well as Priest, and The Hangover: Part II may be worth the movie ticket. I haven't decided just because I have this hate filled relationship with sequels. I'd still like to see the Adjustment Bureau, Source Code, Limitless, and Battle: LA. A friend keeps telling me to go see Beastly, but I'm not too sure about it.

Another friend of mine, one I've known since the third grade, invited me up to Anime Boston with her and some pals. Man, I love that girl. I need to see how I can swindle my way up there, it's only like five days. The problem here is school and work. Damn work, always paying me to not go on awesome trips. If I got to go, I'd probably get to learn how to play DnD, which would be awesome, because she said her Dungeon Master is pretty cool.

Also, while I was talking to her about this short notice plan, I got a great idea! Geek porn! It'd be a genre of videos with hot girls wearing panties and super hero t-shirts playing video games, DnD, and discussing intelligent things. Haha, I get pretty weird when I'm tired and apparently I'm exhausted. My mom even commented on it. Which is odd, because I don't feel tired, but that's normally a bad sign for me.

Not much else is going on, I guess. I'm trying to convince people I work with to pick out outfits for me that fit into my budget so that I can try to expand my wardrobe. I'm pretty much a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, which I love being don't get me wrong, but now and then I'd like to breach that comfort zone. For instance, tomorrow I'm wearing one of the only dresses I own that's not for formal events. Mom's about out of her mind excited that I'm branching into 'girlier' attire. Psh.

To be honest, I wish I had the confidence to dress like my Richelle does. She's so bold and open about her body, wearing floral print summer dresses with heavy boots and not looking unbalanced, or short shorts with ripped tights and a crop top. I don't have that eye, I suppose.

Well, I'm off to get some sleep before this 9 am meeting I have at work then brunch with the girls. Look at me being social, it's almost like I have friends or something, ha ha.


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