Thursday, May 19, 2011

Always Look Up

Mumford and Sons is pure awesome. It's like cocaine with vodka for my eardrums. It's not necessarily good for working out too, but still, I love them. 

I went for a six mile wander yesterday that was partially an accident. I went to First Landing, my favorite place to wander and go to when I don't feel like being anywhere else. I took the Cape Henry Trail, which I've never done before. I guess I started about halfway into the trail (3 miles left in it) assuming it looped around like Bald Cypress. It doesn't. I walked three miles to a dead end. 

I can't say it wasn't fun, it was. I found an outlook over a particular part of the swamp where a bunch of turtles were sunning and being snobby bitches about it. Then I played on some trail side gym equipment. Granted, I did cross the monkey bars first with my hands before choosing to perch on them upside down. When I righted myself three bikers came rolling passed on some Schwinns and I scared them so bad they fell. I apologized, naturally, but they didn't seem to think it was funny.

On the way back it rained. Well, hailed, then rained. Hard. That was awesome. So after three miles in a thunder storm, I came home and mom paid for me to get a pedicure. Very awesome. I pretty much felt like crap, though. Ended up with a fever, which I will blame my bad dreams and restless sleep on. Woke up at 7:30 this morning, paid my bills, then went back to bed for two hours, then another hour. 

Also, exercised with some weights today still feeling the burn from the other day. But I, most definitely, am not complaining. I've sort of missed the way my muscles ache after being used. I haven't done a real sport or any activity since the ninth grade that wasn't gym class related. It feel good to have a body used to being forced into action again. I should keep up with this.

Anyways, Applebees night tonight. Woo! And work before that, so I should go get changed. Here's a tidbit from that random crack induced story based in Idaho I keep posting random portions of. Enjoy, lackeys. 

RANDOM STORY TIME BITCHES (I've been watching a lot of EpicMealTime)

“Do we burst in?” It occurred to the red head that her friend had never been on a mission before. They’d hit a werecoyote with her car once, but other than that, everything was second hand.

Fuck, she thought while exhaling deeply. She raised her hand, positioned to the side of the door and not directly in front of it, the shot gun at her side. With the back of her knuckles she rapped the door twice, rather loudly, and waited.

A shrill scream of terror rang from inside the house and Liv’s eyes grew to the size of small saucers, or, to the size of a human being’s eyes when they realize they’re about to walk in on a vampire eating another human being. Really, either way, it works.

“Yeah, we bust in.” Wrose decided as she walked backward and slammed her foot hard into the door. It rattled and didn’t open. Liv reached over and tried the brass knob, which turned easily in her grip and the hardwood door pulled open without protest.

They shared a look, Olivia’s sort of a cross between disbelief and I told you so, and Wrose’s a clear cut warning to keep her mouth shut for fear of the wrath of a red head.

She ran inside and lifted the gun, looking very much professional and trained to do this. Liv stumbled in a bit, eyes wide, waiting to be attacked. It was still inside the middle class home, and so quiet both women could clearly hear their own heartbeats like drums pounding in their heads.

“Abby?” Wrose called out. No one responded. “Abigail, its Wrose.”

“She’s not answering.” Liv pointed out.

“I’m well aware of that. Just stay behind me and pay attention.” Her voice had dropped significantly. Not that it would help, vampires were gifted with incredibly sensitive senses. She really hated hunting them, they were such conceited pricks about the whole ‘completely superior species’ thing they had going for them.

The lights died and she slid her glasses down to the bridge of her nose in the sudden darkness that consumed them. Something blurred to her right and instinctually she swiveled and fired, but it moved too fast and the buck shot peppered the kitchen counter. Olivia jumped and squeaked, popping open the holy water flask.

“Keep your back to mine,” Wrose advised, lifting her chin to stare at the ceiling. People always forgot to look up. A young man was poised above her, eyes empty as he stared.

“Ah shit.”

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