Friday, May 13, 2011

Winning Champions

I'm at work last night, rearranging (a bit uselessly) a table of jean shorts so we can pack up, ship out and get to Applebees as is customary on Thursday. Our manager keeps being negative about when we're getting out of there ("We aren't leaving until midnight."-him "Psh. There's no reason we can't be out by 10:30."-me "Maybe 11:30."-him) so I was pulling deep for the inner cheerleader I keep locked in a cage in my head. After finishing the table I was on I yelled "I'm a CHAMPION." And one of our new hires who actually seems able to manage her job yelled back "WINNING."

I think I love her.

Applebees was pretty fun. We were short a few people but new faces showed up. It seemed, different though. Something was slower about it than usual. I blame the fact they only played fucking slow music, which is not what I need to hear when I'm already tired. But it was still fun times. Dawn recorded me showing off my awesome white girl dancing skills, so she could send a video to her beau who just went underway for seven months. He's a great guy and this way he can feel included still in our weekly adventures.

Bah. I'm not feeling myself lately. For about two weeks or so now I've just been floating not being excited about much, even when I want to be. I am stoked about running and the fact I'm actually going through with it. For some reason I'm feeling stiff in my own skin.

On that note, I think I'm actually going to try to shimmy my way down to South Carolina and spend a few days at the lake with my grandparents. I don't want them to take off, because I really just want to be away and relax. I need a few solid days of not existing here, in this place I live. I get that way sometimes. When I start to feel like I'm dragging the opinions of people around me down, it's time to recharge. I don't like being 'that girl'. The only problem with going down there is that I'll probably be doing it alone. I'm not really good at taking trips by myself.

If Sarah were here I'd ask her to go with me, haha. Maybe brohan will want to go, but he's looking for work and has summer school. Oh well. I'll figure it out. It's the beginning of summer, my twenty-first is coming up, the weather is gradually warming up. Maybe Tuesday or Wednesday I'll spend the day wandering around First Landing since I don't work. Get caught in a storm or something. Yeah, that'd be awesome.

Earlier this week I did run twice with my running buddy, in the same night. My body is still a bit angry about the exertion but compared to what that guy does to himself, I really shouldn't complain ever. EVER. Christ. I don't have the balls to put myself through what he does. More power to him. He also introduced me to playing Super Nintendo games on the PC using a Playstation controller, which I've never done before. I may suck pretty bad at video games but I will always love playing Super Mario World. It was one of the first games I've ever beaten. I hadn't played it in years.

Hmm. Maybe I should just start playing more video games when I'm being lazy.

Oh, and it's Friday the 13th, which is supposed to be horrible or something. Honestly, as superstitious as I can be, this day is always pretty lucky for me. But then again, I was never quite wired like everyone else haha.  Maybe that means we'll get out of work at a decent time and I can go watch Thor afterwards. I'm really stoked about trying to see that movie.

I've rambled enough. Ciao.

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