Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me

So, it's been a little while since I posted but not as long as I thought. I forgot about the one I just put up after dyeing my hair again. My memory is really starting to slip up. Its a bit disconcerting, actually, because I'm forgetting conversations I had a few weeks ago or sooner and all sorts of things. I need to start up with my actual journal again, it's how I document most of my life. That way I can actually go back and say for sure how something went down.

Well, it's been an interesting week I guess. I've done a lot work, spent a lot time with friends and celebrated my friend Dawn's birthday on Thursday night/Friday morning at Applebees with the gang and more. We had something like fifteen people there. It was pretty cool. I was one of three people who couldn't legally drink though, so that was bah. Her beau left her some pretty thoughtful and elaborate gifts before he went on deployment, which was very sweet of him. He's a good guy.

This coming up Thursday we'll be drinking to my birthday, since it happened on a Sunday between dinners out.

That's right. I had a birthday. It was amazing. I turned twenty-one on Sunday and really from midnight to midnight it was one of my coolest birthdays ever. I think most of that had to do with how relaxed everything was. It was nice.

I was hanging out with a friend of mine after work Saturday night/Sunday morning and he surprised me with a mini-birthday tiramisu complete with a birthday candle after we ate some pizza. That was a pretty awesome start to my birthday. We had a drink in honor of me being legal and too lazy to request to go anywhere to order a shot of any sort and watched Interstella 5555. It was a pretty awesome movie, for those of you out there who are like me and aren't aware of it, it's an anime film with no dialogue based solely on Daft Punk's Discovery album. An intense experience at three in the morning, as most things are.

Came home, slept, woke up to a banner and balloons which was freaking awesometastic. I love balloons, especially balloons for me. Twas quite cool. My parents (I've been told more my mom than my dad) baked two cakes for me. One is this delicious concoction involving yellow cake, whipped cream/cream cheese frosting, pineapple layers, and coated with shredded coconut. The second is a beautifully crafted cheeseburger cake. That is, it's two layers of yellow cake with a brownie in the middle, fruit roll ups as cheese, frosting as ketchup and mustard. No lettuce or onions because I don't eat vegetables on my burgers haha.

The front one is obviously the cheeseburger, the one behind it is my coconut/pineapple cake. So good.

I got exactly what I asked for: an Acer Iconia Tab. It's a little tablet computer that operates on the Android system. It's big enough for me to use the touch keyboard comfortably, small enough to take to class with me, and I'm just tickled pink with it. I need to name it something awesome. Yes. I will work on that.

After cake and presents I took a bit of a nap, went to Walgreens for lipgloss and pantyhose and finished getting ready for dinner at Otani's. It's one of my favorite restaurants. It's a Japanese hibachi steakhouse. Dinner and a show, and such delicious food, oh my god. I ordered my first drink on someone else's dime. It was a Ninja (involving peach schapps, rum, and almond something or other) and it came in a white ninja glass! Hell yes.

After that I hung out with a friend of mine, ate more cake (I'm really surprised I haven't gone into some sort of sugar related shock) watched some TV and had a drink or two more. It was a really good day. Warm, relaxed, and everyone understood the rules that it was my birthday and therefore my word was law. It was nice. It's the one day a year I'm really adamant about things being my way and my way only.

Worked almost six hours on Memorial Day (day after my birthday, so its good I'm not much of a partier or that could've hurt) and got paid for over eight. That's awesome. But tomorrow I have the day off so Dawn and I and maybe some additional friends are going to the beach for a little while. I'm going to burn like a poorly made cookie. I also need to try on bathing suits to see if any actually fit well enough to wear in public, though I doubt I'll be in less than shorts and a tank the whole time.

I should get on that. It's late, I'm tired and should be asleep anyways. Going to be an awesome day. Yeah. Because I said so.

Hasta la vista.

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