Saturday, May 7, 2011

Like Mitosis

(Time to split) like a cell in the final stages of mitosis. GOD. I have been waiting three hours for a chance to use that. I came up with that in my car, listening to the strangest mix CD I have made to date. This one was from when I lived in Idaho, I'm assuming around 2003, because I think that's when Buffy season six released. It has some of those oh-so-delicious tracks from the musical episode. Haha. Hey Mickey is on there as well, so it must've been around the time I actually gave a flying fuck about Bring It On, so I was in cheerleading. Ahh. Memories.

Anyways, the reason I was thinking of mitosis was I am looking for more gainful employment. Or fuck, just a change in scenery. Barely abreast of minimum wage after two years is not exactly conducive to my efforts to not suck at life in general. I'm applying for a job as an assistant manager at another retail place that I respect bucket loads more. Plus, their jeans look fantastic on me and are of significantly higher quality for a relatively low price after military discount. I miss shopping sometimes haha.

Also, I need to see if I have enough paid time off from my job to go down to South Carolina to stay on the lake with my grandparents for a few days and visit Charleston. See the family, dine with some cousins, enjoy the warm water and sunlight. It would be quite relaxing and enjoyable. Might also be one of the last times I'll be able to pull it off by just driving there and not flying in.

Speaking of driving, Ninja is still amazing and lovely. He's my little beast, he is. I'm thinking of asking for a new stereo system (Speakers and deck), custom seat covers, or getting his windows tinted for my birthday. I love that little guy. Seriously considering custom plates. Something like Little Ninja or My Ninja or something. That would be awesome.

I have a very sudden urge to watch The Dark Knight, which is not good at four in the morning. I have to work later. I should go to bed and not be such an insomniac. As I typed that, I thought of Sarah, who is probably listening to K-pop as we speak and feverishly working on some burdensome school assignment that snuck up behind her with a shovel. She's had a really tough semester this time around and I should mail her something awesome for her efforts. Maybe I'll send her some bread pudding.

Or, you know, actually do that video on fried pickles I keep tantalizing her with.

Rereading all of this, it's like taking someone on a surprise roller coaster ride through Geminitown. Or maybe that's ADD Lane. Whatever. I enjoy both areas, as they are diverse, fast paced, loosely populated and allow for growth and change within seconds.

Before this rambling turns dangerously poetic, I will go to bed.

OH MAN. Sealab 2020 is on. This show is so old haha. I hated it when it used to air. I still mostly do. Whatever. It's no Venture Bros, but it will hold me over until I fall asleep.

Good night. Man, I'm going to feel like an idiot for posting this later, haha. Oh well. At least I'm not singing about macaroni and cheese or punching things in the face with cheesy rage.

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  1. nice blog, I think u should get a stereo upgrade with the window tint!And so go w the personalized plates!