Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cas, Sarah: You are Warned

TeamFourStar does not help me sleep. I just said I was going to bed, I've been so tired since two this afternoon, and I keep distracting myself. One of my friends, (give you a hint: It's Sarah) once told me that I was afraid of sleep. Sometimes I think she's right because I seem to actively avoid it, like by watching parodies of my favorite anime shows. Instead of just going to bed after dinner tonight I baked cupcakes.

Then ate four of them.

Anyway, moving on. I just read one of my friends blogs. She doubles as a co-worker and triples as one of my fashion icons. I wish I could pull off her confidence and her attitude pairing clothing as daringly as she does. She sort of shuns clothing, which seems to be the opposite of what a fashionista should do, but she does it well. I love her summer outfits of ripped tights, shorts, bright prints, floral prints, boots, dresses, vests and bandeaus. One day I will go shopping with her and beg her to remake me in her powerful image. (Maybe I can ask her how the hell her photos always come out awesome as well.)

My parents will die.

I ran a little over a mile today. This officially marks week two of running for me. A mile or more a day, hopefully. Normally I run with my pal, but life happens (mostly to him and mostly unexpectedly haha). I'm proud that I can run on my own though, as I normally lack that motivation.

However, the rest of the working out I am supposed to be doing did not get done. In fact, it hasn't gotten done technically since last Monday. This particular friend of mine is a beast when it comes to exercising, and I feel a bit guilty that I drag him down. Not guilty enough to stop, but enough to note that I am holding him back when we run. He makes up for it when he beats my ass into the ground with the actual workout though. Or shoves my own slowness into my face while he wears weights and still smokes my ass. I work out with him specifically because he doesn't tolerate my slacker bullshit and expects me to at least force an attempt at keeping up.

My friends are awesome like that.

Fuck, now my brother-san is going to want to run when he gets back. DAMN. Looks like I may actually be forced into shape this summer haha.

I'm about to go to bed, I promise. Really. This is happening. Ignore the gummy bears I keep shoving into my mouth and that this is the third time I've watched episode 22 of TFS DBZA. I'm in bed. That means sleep is coming for me swiftly. Or, staggeringly as is the case lately. I'm an insomniac on a good day. Couple that with the cyclic sleep schedule I've adopted, a slight sense of apprehension for this upcoming Friday, and waking up at 8 in the freaking morning every day and sleep is more easily likened to a drunk stumbling home at four in the morning than a swift hunter come to mercifully relieve me of consciousness.

On a special note: Sarah, calm the fuck down. I love you, you're brilliant and we both know that we wouldn't be friends if you couldn't bullshit like a champion politician. Whatever your teacher throws at you will be crumbled into a ball in your Jason-channeling hand and be made to suffer your wrath for interrupting the hours you could spend listening to K-Pop and writing about it. Then kill it with fire.

Cassy, I know we don't talk very often, but I know you as well. I know this semester is a bundle of stress tied to your back and mind, and I know even on easy exams you tend to freak the fuck out a little bit. Relax, breath and remember: You've got this. You're a fantastic academic, you've proven yourself quite creative with art, and if you start to flip your lid Sarah is going to call me. And you don't want that conversation to take place.

It will end with my psychotic ramblings distracting you so greatly it will actually damage your chances at success, so just avoid the Sinisms and both of you remember: If shit hits the fan, just tell your parents I distracted you with some unbearable crisis.

This crisis will be me curb stomping you both, but hey, its a scapegoat. Run with it. (As long as its not a fainting scapegoat).

That's enough, go to bed, rest, and breathe. I love you both.

Guten Nacht

PS I didn't reread any of this, and I did not even try to edit it to make sure it made sense or was grammatically correct. Leave a comment of serious errors (more than likely your a friend of mine, text or facebook me about it) and I will fix them later.

PPS Or don't. I don't think the six people who read this are actually going to care that much about it, haha.

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