Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Superhero Training

So, there I was Saturday night sitting outside the AMC annexed from the mall I work at. I was waiting for my parents and brother (newly in town from Charlottesville for summer vacation) to come out of Fast Five. I was sitting on a bench just to the side of the exiting doors on the side of the theater, in front of Ruby Tuesdays, having come straight from work. I had been surprise invited to food, so I waited patiently.

About five minutes or so before they came out, two men came up to the doors. Now, to keep movie hoppers from entering through the Exits, there are only door handles on the inside and they doors open outward. These guys sort of complain, then one bends down and fiddles with the wall before they both walk away. This has my partial attention, as I'm also watching three slightly inebriated Navy guys lounge and smoke outside of the restaurant which had just closed. As it turns out one of the two would-be movie hoppers had plugged his cell phone into the unprotected outlet to charge and walked away to rejoin his group of friends at the front of the theater.

I stared for about ten seconds before checking the time. The three Navy gents were passing by as I stared at the phone again and said to myself "I hope he knows a torrent of people is probably about to come out those doors" grabbing the attention of one of the Navy guys. He stopped and asked if I was talking to myself, which I admitted to happily, then he asked why I was alone. I informed him that I was just waiting for some people. After that we had a brief conversation about psychology (Criminal, trauma and behavioral) before he commented on my 'awesome kicks' (dichotomy Converse) and met up with his friends.

It was interesting, I don't normally have those moments with strangers. Conversations generally just don't happen in my life like that, but I normally actively stave them off as well. I was just feeling pretty good Saturday. Felt pretty awesome sauce on Sunday as well.

Sunday I saw Priest with a friend of mine. Oh man. The best part of the movie was watching my pal squirm in his seat because it was such an unexpected B flik. I hadn't realized it was so suggestively Catholic. He hated it, I believe. I enjoy horrible movies since they make me laugh. I had a problem with the way they attracted the vampires' attentions though. If something doesn't have eyes, why the fuck are you going to use a light to get its attention? Is it a salamander? Can it sense light with its skin? Fuck no. It's a vampire. It already knows your there, stop being an idiot.

It was a good time though. And it stoked me up for the Fright Night remake coming out. Oh man. So looking forward to that!

Worked yesterday. Blah. Don't have much to say about it other than people trust my taste in fashion enough to dress them, which is scary at best. But she looked good, so mission accomplished.

Ran with my running buddy today after his workout. I swear this guy is a superhero or something. He's Captain Fucking America. That is the only explanation for the shit his body can apparently endure. It literally hurts my body to think about going through the exercises he does. Also, makes me feel like a bitch for not being able to stand the intensity of the mere idea of trying to accomplish what he does. I'm slowly failing out of this superhero training school, I think. I need to step up my game. MORE MUSCLE AND LESS BITCHING.

Hell yes.

I also proved, without a doubt, that I am not to be feared today. I fell into (read: ran into) a bush chasing after this friend of mine because he can't keep his damn feet off Ninja. He only does it because I react the way I do. Anyways. The left side of my body has some scratches to remind me of my stupidity. Which is awesome.

Finished the unedited, rewritten first chapter of the primary novel I care about. That makes me happy. It's shorter than the first attempt, but I like it much better. Rewriting this whole thing from the beginning is going to be such a pain (it took me a year and a half to get the first version completed) but hopefully I'll be happy with the end result.

I went to Kroger after watching Epic Meal Time and dropped too much money on candy and sweets. Oh man. Self control has been activated because I want to tear all of this up right now. No. Have to behave.

I'm going to lose this battle, haha.

Anyways, rambled out. Ciao.

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