Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Watching: American Dad

Listening to: Born This Way (thank you Amazon for the $0.99 download of the whole album)

I dyed my hair again. It needed to be brought back to life.I'm sort of hoping the super-red will jump start my personality for the better, again, haha. I also French braided my hair by myself for the first time in my life to completion. Holy crow. I am more talented than I give myself credit for.

Unless we're talking about playing board games like Scrabble.

In a twist of lucky fate in my favor, I got a camera. A few years ago my brother got a orange FinePix for his birthday, or Christmas, or some gift giving holiday. Well. I wanted it, because my old Nikon that I've had since I was thirteen has been disappeared for over two years now. I'm upset about the loss, but am moving on slowly. I wanted a point-and-shoot camera to take on walks, runs, and just out and about with me. My Canon is way too big to take on anything but photo-taking ventures and requires my special bag for it.  So, I traded my acoustic guitar for the camera and viola, we are both in a place of happiness. Yes. This worked out well.

I also bought a purse from Target that is significantly smaller than my purses lately, but has a pocket just the size of the camera (this is fate, I say). This way I only take what I need with me from now on, instead of carrying a small bedroom around on my shoulder all damn day. Seriously, you can ask Sarah, when I carry a bag I can keep the most interesting/useless things in it forever.

Oh! Yesterday was the illustrious Sarah's twenty-first birthday! It's a crying shame I had to miss it, but we'll make up the drinking fun on the 31st of December, ringing in the New Year in style. On an unrelated side note (not that any of this has actually been linear), we all survived Armageddon! Woo! Go Team Human!

I'm trying to expand my idea of a wardrobe slowly but surely, as evidenced my the addition of ruffles and chiffon to my cotton-tee an denim closet. My next hopeful step is to add some skirts and floral dresses. I had a dream about buying an ass load of bandeaus last night, but I don't have the guts to wear them the way I want (inspired by ultra-amazing friend/co-worker). I'm just not convinced anyone wants to see my stomach that badly haha. But I did wear shorts in public today, actual shorts too, not my tomboy below the knee shorts. I need to find a comfortable length above the knee but not half-way up my ass.

Tomorrow is my last day off before my birthday, and I'm really hoping to have my birthday off. If I don't, well, it's going to suck calling in and getting written up because my Store Manager doesn't want to honor any of my requests. I made it several weeks ago, and really, there are several people capable of doing my job. It's not rocket surgery. As long as you can read numbers and don't scream at customers, you've pretty much accomplished the task.

I should go to sleep. I meant to be in bed by eleven tonight, to make up for the horrible way I've been treating my body. Not sleeping. Eating like a junkie. Got distracted by hair then started Chapter 2 of my book. Too much!


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