Saturday, February 26, 2011

We'll See by Next Saturday

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So, today (technically yesterday) has been one of those curveball days that had me guessing more and expecting less about what was coming next. I mean, it all started when my first class of the day got cancelled apparently right before I walked up to the freaking door. Lovely timing, and a waste of an hour I could've been sleeping through. Lame. 

However, did write part of a chapter of a story, so, somewhat productive.

Then as I'm walking out of Quantitative Methods, down towards my parking garage, I hear my name being called. No one knows me at ODU. I'm amazingly anonymous which is awesome, unless I die or something. I turn, and BAM LeShae, one of my friends from work. She's like "Hey girl." And I was like... "0.o, what the fuck are you doing here?" "Oh, I quit." "Quit?" "Yeah, I clocked out for break, as in CLOCKED OUT, and left. Just walked out." "Did you tell them?" "No." "Sweet." "Yeah, do you know where the Webb Building is?"

I was flabbergasted. Seriously. I knew she was leaving soon, but I thought she was waiting until May or a new job opportunity. Turns out, she's just as fed up with the bullshit hailstorm we've been living through at work for the passed five months as the rest of us. However, some of us (me) are too poor and dependent on a paycheck to risk quitting without back up. It would ruin my summer plans.

Mustn't do that.

Anyways, I continue on with my day. Stop at Arby's for two junior roast beefs, roll onto work. Life is normal. I'm getting scolded by customers like I'm supposed to be a manager or something, everyone is talking about Shae walking out, and the world is revolving in the typical way. Nothing too major.

Then come like, nine or so, and we're closed. Everyone is gathered at the registers for our closing pep talk from our lovely visual manager Richelle. All the sudden everyone realizes, 'Where the Hell is Ryan?'. Apparently, he had also hit his limit of people not listening and though was scheduled to come in at seven, walked out shortly after the start of his shift because he didn't get the days off he requested for the umpteenth time.

Patterns? Nah.

So,  because he trounced his happy ass out without a warning we were cleaning until 1:30 in the am today (the 26th). Which we probably would have been anyways, but it's easier to blame a specific person in this case. And poor Isiah was hijacked into work because of a miscommunication. Sort of sucks for the guy. 

But I am lucky to have a job, and I need to focus on that and stop being such a whiny bitch. I mean, seriously. Where do I get off? I have a paycheck coming in. I am more fortunate than many in the country at the moment. 

Speaking of paychecks.

So, if any of you lovely people have been watching the news, you may have heard that in October, Congress passed a continuance for the federal funding through the fourth of March this year. That means a new Congressional board will be determining the appropriation of funds for the federal government this year. However, Democrats and Republicans have been pussy-footing so long that they've managed to fuck up the entire thing. 

Federal agencies this week began drawing up contingency plans for a shutdown, which would be the first in 15 years.

Do you know what that means? That quirky little sentence above here? ^ this one? It means that by next Saturday, if our elected officials don't get off their asses and start shaking hands and signing papers, that the federal government will have to shut down. The entire federal government. Because why? Because they couldn't decide how much money to pay the same programs in the budget for last year, given that our national 
debt is hitting an astronomical high with little view of recovery.

Basically, what a shutdown would mean would be that all federally funded facilities would have to halt in their tracks. Department of Defense in general would stall (unless they could validate a that they are continuing to protect human life/property), and that included DoD schools. DeCA would cease to operate. FBI, CIA, would be on hiatus. Post office, veteran's payments and social security would all pause. All because your government takes all that money out of the budget that they can't agree on. 

Still feeling like the recession is over? Yeah. Me neither. Housing market is about to plummet again, unemployment is still way too fucking high, health costs are rising and benefits are lowering, and credit card companies are preparing for a slam to the face by over charging fees to make up for the lack of incoming payments. Sounds like the first waves of a full on depression to me.

So, let me be the first Generation Y-er to say: I have survived droughts, volcanoes, earthquakes, and hurricanes. I have been through the first on soil terrorist attack in nearly half a century, while being stationed overseas. I have seen passed Y2K, made it through Mad Cow still loving bacon, never been clipped by Bird Flu, avoided Sars and Anthrax. I have been through four bomb threats with legitimate cause for alarm. 

Bring it on, Federal Government Shutdown. Bring it on. 

'Nuff said.

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