Friday, February 25, 2011


Listening to: The Lonely Island (I just had Sex and Boombox)

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So, work is work. Hope was forced out by our prick licking organizational leaders. Truthfully, I hate the way Forever 21 Inc treats its employees. This is 'fast-paced' industry that knows jackshit about loyalty or responsibility. I'm a bit annoyed that she got pinned down by all the crap our ex c-manager Victoria fucked up. I actually liked Hope.


Also, found out one of my coworkers is brilliant with math and is a physics major. Guess whose gonna help me with my stats issues? That's right. And that our stand in store manager freaks out about being called out for poor grammar. Seriously. It was hilarious until I found out she yelled at Orlando. Granted, sometimes I wanna yell at Orlando, she needed to cool her jets.

Christy is updating the episode she's writing, which is full of win. With witty quotes and sharp characters, she's really come ahead as a writer. I love it. I love that it builds her confidence and gets rid of her anger too.

Hmm, what's worth talking about today?

Ate about a pound and a half of gummy bears over the last two days. And found a transformers toy at work. Totally worth it. I'm using it for my profile picture.

I love using gummy bears in pictures. I love using gummy bears, period. they make me happy and they are delicious. Seriously. I can eat pounds of them in single sittings if not supervised.  It makes life much easier to bare when you have bears. Ha.

So, Sarah and I are wearing identical chinese headphones that we bought off eBay. Her's are black and mine are green. They are pretty awesome, and being awesome headphone twins makes it better. Also, she was telling me that her fiction writing professor, whose a hottie with long teeth, admitted to being a vampire today.

The hunt is on.

Other than that, not too much is happening. Talking to a few people I haven't spoken to in a while. I'm remembering why  I used to hang with some of them, and why I stopped with others. Ha ha, ambiguity. God. I miss Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law. 

So, Sarah is full of win, being that she can't stop saying things that make me laugh. We're talking about the GOP and how if they can't agree on a budget by March 4 that the federal government will have no choice but to close due to lack of money, and how that included the post office. She freaked saying 'But I have packages coming from Korea. You know I need my Korean packages!' Haha. I latched onto the second sentence and teased her.

I'm attempting to character sketch each of my darlings, so, if anyone has any idea, please let me know. 

Hmm. Not much else to say, really, except hopefully I can attempt to make this pound cake I found in Southern Living. It's Strawberry Swirl Cream Cheese. Yummy!

Ciao, darlings.

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