Saturday, February 12, 2011

Souls up for eBay

Original Time Stamp: Feb 8th, 2011 11:03pm
Watching: Family Guy, because it’s nighttime and that’s what I do.
I went to see Monster Jam Sunday night with my Dad.  It was freaking amazing. I love big trucks and loud noises and minibikes. The guys next to us were young douchebags who couldn’t be bothered with other people so they left early. I must be cheap because I wouldn’t walk out on an event that I’d paid money to see unless it was truly horrible.
So, living in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, naturally the big name of the big trucks was Gravedigger. He hails from our slice of the state, apparently. Dad and I discussed that, because back in Idaho, Big Foot was the big name to hear. Anyways, locals love locals, pride and all that.
So, an original body style Gravedigger with the original 1980s color scheme was debuted. Beast was badass. Not the usual black and lime green, graveyard scene I’ve been used to. It was silver and blue. But man, that truck could race and jump. The only one I liked better than it was Ironman, and that’s because I want to have Tony Starks alcoholic love child. The other trucks were local (coastal) names, I think. Black Stallion, which didn’t do so badly but couldn’t touch Ironman and Gravedigger. Ironman only came out to play to kick some ass and take some names. Gravedigger was parked backstage, and he only emerged from the shadows to kick Ironman’s ass, or any other taker.
Then there was Prowler and Predator. Just the names made me feel like I was settling in for a Dateline special. I kept waiting for some guy to run screaming across the arena while a camouflaged cop chased him with a baton. Anyways, the trucks ran pretty nice. Big, loud, able to compact full sized sedans in merciless jumps of giant trucks onto unsuspecting metal. However, they were also both painted like large jungle cats with extra fluff. 
Really, I could almost feel Chris Hansen getting anxious for a good show.
Then there were the street trucks who ran the track (a quick loop on the arena floor of the Hampton Colosseum). Two Fords, Two Chevys, some Dodges, a Jeep and some Isuzu’s. The Jeep kept overworking it and stalling just after his lap, so he had to be pushed to the back by the mini-bobcat waiting to rescue fallen competitors. Most of the other vehicles were alright, and actually the Isuzu’s were my favorite simply because they were not afraid to roll or jump their little samurai compact SUVs. 
And much to my Ford girl’s heart, two of the Dodges proved why I drive Chevy or Ford. One of them took the jump too hard, mostly because his giant truck was not suspended for it, and BAM. Out came his driveshaft, skittering across the dirt floor. he hit the van that acted like a bumper between the arena and backstage. The other, a little truck, ran out of gas. I was weak with laughter.
The minibikes were quite awesome as well, coming out to race a few laps during each setup. During their last race though, one of the riders stalled on the hole shot. Then to make up time, and I couldn’t help but laugh, he threw one of the traffic cones at another riders and tried to make a quick getaway while the other guy was down. They both lost, but it was still funny.
It was a pretty awesome night, in the end. We ate cheeseburgers at iHop and called it good.
So fast-forward the week and we end up here, Tuesday night, catching up on writing because I have been very lazy. I’ve been perusing eBay a lot lately, mainly because I am, again, cheap. So far I’ve gotten a nice Korean hoodie (20.25), a leather cuff bracelet (4.25) and a new pair of super huge headphones (7.99). In the process of showing Sarah how to properly bid via Skype, I told her some information I received a long time ago.
You can, apparently, buy and sell human (and other entity) souls on eBay. I’m serious. Go type in real human soul and you’ll pop up with some listings. Once I did it and found fourteen ‘vampire’ souls for sale, attached to various artifacts. This befuddled me, mostly because I don’t normally imagine real vampires as having souls, but hey, who am I to cast stones?
Now we’re plotting are (hopefully) trip to Vegas to celebrate our 21st birthdays. If we get it done, it’ll be amazing. So amazing. 
Not much else to say, so I’ll leave with a short about me and one of my characters, which is entirely the fault of Sarah, too much candy and not enough sleep. Mmm. Gummy bears.
“What the hell do you want from me?!” Sin yelled, throwing her hands in the air. Jason stared blankly at her and she continued to ramble and rant. “Bastard perfectionist!”
Her cell phone vibrated, causing her to abruptly end her ranting and pick it up while the blond haired blue eyed man watched her closely.
“Stop scrutinizing me!” she snapped, reading the text message. Her cheeks began to burn slightly. Jason leaned over her shoulder, interested in what made the red head blush. He smirked and she felt the hairs on the back of her neck rise with impending doom.
“I’ll take the chains,” he breathed against her ear, making her eyes widen. “But if I’m going to be watching a show, I’m going to demand one a bit more personal than some cartoon.”
Her face burned scarlet as his hand slipped to her side.
She squeaked, making him grin victoriously. “Fine, I’ll start on the rewrites!”
“No, no.” he shook his head, tickling her ear with his golden blonde hair. His hands caught her waist as she grew redder in the face. “I think this idea is a better use of your time.”
“God damnit Sarah!” she complained as the much larger vampire pulled her backwards into his lap. She sighed in defeat. “My mind is a dangerous place.”
“Mine is worse.” He whispered and she felt her eyes grow wider as she turned to see the devious look in his icy eyes. “But I promise it’ll be the tastiest pain you’ve ever had.”
“I need therapy.”
“You will after tonight.”

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