Thursday, February 17, 2011

Prophetic Rodent

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So, writers block...


I'm supposed to be posting a chapter in one of my YYH fanfics tonight, due to..colorful prompting from one of my readers. Actually, she made me want to write. Her email was amazingly motivating. With quotes like "However, no matter how breath taking your story may be that does not mean I WON'T SEND THE MAFIA BUNNIES AFTER YOUR ASS!!" and then threatening me with those adorably menacing shot gun wielding mafioso rabbits again, how could I not be ready to write. (PS, her name on is animelover56348)

And then, writer's block. And then, writer's block. 

It's frustrating. I love my characters and I'm finally at a point of development where I can do exactly what I want with the story. Only, I can't seem to get it on paper. So I doodled. I ran around with mom. I bought new shampoo (that smells amazing). And I'm sitting here staring at the mocking blink of the cursor behind the last words I wrote that I may as well delete. 

But hey, I bought new pens! Micro point click uniballs! I love micro point,  needle point and extra fine. Ahh the glory of tiny smooth lines that don't smudge. My handwriting is bad enough without adding smearing into the mix.

Haha, the new Audi8 commercial makes me want to buy one. Like the 'Imported from Detroit' Chrystler 200 one. 

Hmm. I just watched by first episode of Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior. I have to say, looks like it's going to make it. Great cast, interesting characters, an a similar but not copycat plotline to the original. So far so good. Your move, TV, your move.

Ha. Eminem in a Brisk commercial. I love the fact he said damn. Seriously. What a hilarious way to get into the advertising game. 

Oh. I would like to point out the pretty accurate predictions of season change by Phil the Groundhog. Honestly, I've become a bit obsessed with our American belief in the prophetic ability of the giant rodent, but hey, the furball is right. It's warmer already and feels like Spring. Hats off to the groundhog. Now Sarah wants to kidnap him and have him live in her closet. I told her this was a pretty silly idea, seeing as how she'd only get to play with him once a year. Badabing. I can hear the crickets chirping already.

I finally managed to finish that chapter, am working on another and should be sleeping at some point but am considering posting something entirely new. No. I can't do it. I just can't. I barely keep up with my beautiful stories as it is, they'll just start to get jealous if I bring another baby home. The woes of a short attention span!

Not that you could tell that from my zig-zaggy topic changes or loopy conversations that I have with myself. Not at all. 

I also have a freaking head cold, so my face feels like it's filled with poly-fil and I keep getting the sensation that I just stood up after sitting upside down, even though I've done neither of those. It's more aggravating than actually painful, but it still sucks ass. 

I have to work tomorrow. I am so not looking forward to spending ten hours locked in that place, dealing with ungrateful teenagers and their entitled parents. Honestly, I really don't have the energy or patience for it. And I'm betting I'll be on the floor and not even on register. Which means I'll probably feel more like crap tomorrow than I did today. Hurrah! But it's money. Which should be getting deposited soon...

But yes. I think I'm actually going to go to bed now, so that I can leave this feeling as if I wrote it coherently.  Have a good one pets!


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